More brutal 2020 poll numbers for Trump

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Former Vice President Joe Biden didn't campaign in Iowa this past weekend - which was certainly noticed by his fellow 2020 Democrat primary opponents.

South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg highlighted his youth, pitching himself as the voice of a new generation. The California senator Kamala Harris was the only other candidate to poll above 5%, with half as much support as Buttigieg.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) is viewed unfavorably by almost half of voters in MA according to a new poll, an unusually high number for a lawmaker in her home state. "It wasn't planned that way, but I hope Trump's presence here will be a clarifying event", Biden was scripted to say.

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Spotlighting the anxiety he said farmers are feeling, Biden will ask "how many have had to stare at the ceiling at night wondering how they're going to make it?"

Iowa is the first battleground in every presidential election. A number of public polls have shown Biden leading the president, including a Quinnipiac University national survey released Tuesday that found Biden ahead 53% to 40%. A political party is much like a brand name, and without that brand name to guide them, numerous lesser-informed voters opt to not participate in the caucuses and primaries, which leaves the decision more in the hands of those who are more intense about politics.

Sanders, who trails only Biden in the polls, described a "well-intentioned" candidate pursuing "a middle-ground strategy that antagonizes no one, that stands up to nobody and that changes nothing".

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Biden will return to Iowa on Tuesday, which marks his second trip to Iowa since he announced he was running for president for the 2020 election.

Early polling from several outlets shows Biden easily besting Trump. And with less than eight months until the ever-crucial Iowa caucuses, operatives say the race is still anyone's for the taking. Bernie Sanders marched with striking workers at a McDonald's. Sen. In 1980, George H.W. Bush emphasized the Iowa caucuses, and scored an upset victory over Ronald Reagan.

Perhaps the most noteworthy case was in 1976, when that little-known governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter, won a extremely surprising victory in Iowa, propelling him to the nomination and eventually the presidency.

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The latest New Hampshire poll, with less detail than the new Iowa one, was conducted in late May. Then he flies to central Des Moines, the state's biggest city with more than 200,000 residents, for a dinner and fundraiser with state Republicans.