Mexico to name 'special team' to curb immigration

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U.S. President Donald Trump defended his administration's deal with Mexico against criticism that there were no major new commitments to stem a flow of Central American migrants crossing into the United States.

While the US and Mexico reached a tentative deal about asylum-seekers hoping to enter the USA last year, the Trump administration believed Mexico was not holding up its end of the bargain and the president threatened to levy major tariffs on Mexican goods as a way to bring them to the negotiating table.

Mexico and the United States signed an agreement on Friday, with Mexico agreeing to take steps to control the flow of people from Central America, including deploying 6,000 members of a new national guard across its border with Guatemala.

This comes as Mexico is stepping up efforts to slow migration from Central America to avoid US tariffs. But in the context of this, you know, it's very clear that where the Mexican government is right now, it would be totally unprepared to deal with thousands and thousands more asylum seekers staying here in Mexico.

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"Mexico took the President's tariff threat very seriously and they're starting to take enforcement of their southern border seriously. We will not negotiate with the United States".

It also stated that Mexico had committed to doing everything it could immediately to become a safe third country. While talking with reporters Monday, the president brandished a sheet of paper and identified it as the agreement in question - but refused to share details of what it contained.

There's often something fishy about US President Donald Trump's spelling habits on Twitter.

It also said 45 calendar days after the joint declaration, the US would assess in consultation with Mexico whether the flow of migrants had been curbed sufficiently.

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It will also include the military commander for the southern border state of Chiapas and high-level labor, social welfare and prison officials.

The President tweeted Monday, saying tariffs will be reinstated if Mexico's legislature doesn't vote to approve the deal. "And, specifically, the Democrats, they have to get their act together", he told reporters at the White House. You have people pouring in. Data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have shown record highs in the apprehension of illegal aliens at the southern border. Others are building factories in the U.S. In September, California-based solar maker SunPower Corp. won an exemption, arguing that its panels - made mostly in factories overseas - are a premium product.

Additionally, during the first seven months of the 2019 fiscal year, 531,711 illegal aliens have crossed the border into the United States, according to CBP data.

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