Donald Trump Brags About The Amazing Attain He Had On Queen Elizabeth

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Hordes of demonstrators converged in central London on Friday, intent on mocking U.S. President Donald Trump on his only full day of business with British leaders on what was dubbed a "working visit" to the United Kingdom.

Trump later royally ramped up his hyperbole when he claimed in direction of the pinnacle of the interview that "there are individuals that enlighten they possess by no means viewed the queen possess the next time, a more attractive time" than when she used to be with him.

Lessem, a dinosaur expert who makes models of prehistoric creatures, said "I'm interested in things that are big, not very intelligent and have lost their place in history".

1 NEWS Europe correspondent Joy Reid is in Portsmouth today as the tour continues.

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A state banquet took place at Buckingham Palace on Monday evening.

Thousands turned out in London's government district on Tuesday as Trump met outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May nearby.

Following the meeting, also attended by Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales, the veteran said Trump "came across very well".

There were occasional scuffles as some of the protestors confronted small pockets of Trump supporters. "Mr. Corbyn raged at the US President in a frothing speech at Parliament Square - condemning him for treating refugees like "enemies", ignoring climate change, and trying to exploit the NHS for profit". "I don't agree with all his policies". Speaking on his LBC radio show, Mr Farage declared: "There are some who will say, "well look at the protests", well yes look at the protests".

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The first day of the US President's visit has been filled with pomp and pageantry.

Trump had traveled to France for D-Day commemorations early on Thursday before returning to Ireland.

Ivanka Trump walks with Britain's International Trade Secretary into the ballroom at Buckingham Palace.

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