Canalys trims 2019 global smartphone shipment forecast by more than 3%

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Sales of the Chinese company's premium smartphones in France plummeted by about one-fifth in the week after the U.S. blacklisted the company, according to a telecom industry representative who chose not to disclose his name.

Shanghai: Slashing its forecast for the global smartphone market by over 3% amid the U.S. government's decision to ban businesses from working with Huawei, market research firm Canalys has said smartphone shipments will reach 1.35 billion units in 2019.

The ban on USA tech companies doing business with Huawei is expected to drastically curtail demand for Huawei phones in the future. The companies announced the decision to suspend selling new models of Huawei smartphones-until the company's post-export-ban future becomes clearer.

After U.S. authorities addedHuawei and its affiliates to a trade blacklist, different sources have begun reporting falling demand for the Chinese tech giant's smartphones.

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The number of smartphones shipped will reach 1.35 billion, with the decrease being attributed to uncertainties relating USA and China trade talks.

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

President Donald Trump said the USA and United Kingdom will be able to find common ground on Huawei Technologies Co., the Chinese telecom giant the US has sought to bar from 5G networks, citing security concerns.

But the US Commerce Department last month placed Huawei and dozens of affiliates on an "entity list" on grounds of national security, a move that curbs its access to US-made components it needs, though a 90-day reprieve was later issued. Because of such a significant price disparity, ditching Huawei would produce chain effects on price, hurting economic activity and slowing the transition to 5G.

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Others were similarly concerned that China would simply build up its domestic technology industry so it doesn't have to rely on USA suppliers.

Huawei is allowed to buy USA goods until August 19 to maintain existing telecoms networks and provide software updates to its smartphones.

The percentage drop is similar to a recent forecast by Gartner.

The ban of sales of Huawei equipment to United States companies and a similar measure keeping U.S. firms from selling technology to Huawei without permission will cause a direct impact on sales, at the very least for Huawei's devices. Bloomberg also quoted a telecom industry representative stating that sales of Huawei's premium smartphones fell 20 percent in the first week after the US administration announced its export ban.

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