Persian Gulf tensions rise as Trump threatens "end" of Iran

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Iran's United Nations ambassador Majid Takht-Ravanchi has dismissed this as "fake intelligence", and some Democratic U.S. legislators already familiar with the intelligence have disputed the administration's interpretation.

"We have deterred attacks based on our repositioning of assets, deterred attacks against American forces", he said.

"I would consider that a hold", Shanahan said.

Pompeo in the radio interview said without further explanation that there had been "just a hint" that Iran was moving to release imprisoned USA citizens.

Early in his tenure, Mr. Trump ratcheted up military tensions with North Korea with his "fire and fury" tweet, warning Pyongyang not to continue testing nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

Tensions between the two nations have risen sharply since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency.

Now, with a denuclearization deal between Washington and Pyongyang stalled, the situation again seems volatile, with North Korea having conducted multiple missile tests in just the past several weeks.

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The rial currency lost about 60 percent of its value in 2018 under the threat of the revived us sanctions, boosting inflation and provoking sporadic demonstrations.

"There was no effort to lay out a thoughtful, interdepartmental strategy for how this is ultimately going to wind up in a better deal being signed by the Iranians than was signed by the Obama administration".

There have been growing concerns of a possible military conflict with the United States, which this month beefed up its military presence in the Middle East and Persian Gulf, citing "imminent threats" from Iran.

"Bluntly, I believe the path to the current level of tension began when President Trump unilaterally walked out of a diplomatic deal", Senator Tim Kaine said Monday on the chamber's floor.

In turn, Iran recently threatened to pull out of the accord entirely and renew production of the material that could be used for a nuclear weapon.

The Trump administration has made it clear that it is banking on this deprivation to trigger popular upheavals that will topple Iran's bourgeois nationalist regime.

But while Trump's approach of flattery and threats has become a hallmark of his foreign policy, the risks have only grown in dealing with Iran, where mistrust between Tehran and Washington stretch four decades. But on Sunday the President hardened his rhetoric.

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"If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran", the president tweeted. Trump withdrew the United States from the pact a year ago. Economic war means targeting Iranian people.

He also said that if Tehran wants to negotiate, it will have to take the first step.

He stressed that the Additional Protocol was a "powerful and efficient" mechanism for checking whether Iran was implementing its nuclear program exclusively peacefully, UrduPoint quoted Sputnik as saying.

"Please note the absence of warriors in the Trump administration".

The State Department last week ordered all non-critical government employees to leave Iraq, saying the tensions with neighboring Iran could endanger Americans in the area.

While the pact isn't ideal and has failed to curb Iran's regional destabilization, it was not the "disaster" Trump has called it; global inspectors and even the administration agreed Iran was in compliance.

Mr. Eaton is now an adviser to the liberal political action committee VoteVets.

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