People In Iowa Are Getting Sick. Looks Like Dogs Are The Culprit

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The Canine brucellosis infection causes defects in the reproductive systems of both male and female dogs and could lead them to become infertile.

"We are in the process of notifying the individuals who have custody of the exposed dogs", a Friday news release from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship reads.

The facility and its animals are in quarantine as the dogs undergo clinical testing.

The bacterial disease can be passed not only to other dogs but humans as well through fluids. "Canine breeders, veterinary employees and anybody available in contact with blood, tissues, and fluids in the course of the birthing course of could also be a larger danger and may seek the advice of their main care doctor".

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The disease is caused by the Brucella canis bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The symptoms in humans include sweats, fever, joint pain, headache and weakness.

The Iowa Department of Public Health reported that Canine Brucellosis is "rarely reported in humans", but still offered suggestions on how to avoid the disease. Veterinarians, wildlife officers and farm workers are also at higher risk.

We all love puppy kisses but this may be something you want to think about the next time you let a dog slobber on you. They also suggest that all animals that tested positive for the infection need to be quarantined, and either through "spayed/neutered or euthanasia".

Heinz said the most hard thing about this disease is dogs can't get rid of it like humans can and usually have to be put down to prevent the spread to other dogs or humans.

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An outbreak of a rare infection transmitted from dogs to people has been detected in a dog breeding facility in Iowa, United States. The Department of Public Health states that the bacteria spreads when there is a direct contact of the infected material with the eyes, nose mouth or broken skin of the dog.

"We have not received any results yet", the organization posted on Facebook.

Heinz said they had to quarantine their adoption building for an additional 30 days. "Please pray for our sweet babies that were finally getting the chance to have a happy life", the organization wrote online. "They don't know to do a brucellosis test". They point out that available treatments for this infection do not lead to complete cure and there is a risk of recurrence or "recrudescence" of the infection in the animal.

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