Buying Huawei phones a ‘real risk’ after Google block

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If you've been eyeing Huawei's latest P30 Pro smartphone and its ISO 409600 low-light capabilities, you should know that there's major trouble brewing for the brand due to a the USA government blacklisting it. Google has reportedly suspended its business with Huawei, including dropping Android support.

Google services were already banned in China, so analysts say the impact of the curb on technology sales could mostly affect Huawei's worldwide sales, making its phones less attractive to customers if they do not have Google features.

Google will have to halt business activities with Huawei that involve transfer of hardware, software and technical services that are not publicly available - meaning Huawei will only be able to use the open source version of Android, a source close to the matter told AFP.

"We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications", the Google spokesperson said.

China's Huawei said existing smartphone users in Sri Lanka will continue to get support and would be able to download updates for Goggle applications, after the U.S. firm said it will cut ties with the telecom equipment maker.

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Huawei's smartphone business in China will not be affected much by this move since it sells smartphones without Google Play in the region and the company continues to have access to the AOSP version of Android.

The company has said that it will continue to support all of its existing devices with security updateds and after sales service, you can see the statement below. All of the major CPU vendors are U.S. companies, and there's no way Huawei can build itself a server-class ARM CPU to replace them in the immediate future (not to mention the difficulty of constructing an equivalent software stack). In response to the government request, American company, Google, has suspended some business dealings with Huawei.

Huawei is said to have prepared for this by stockpiling chips for several months, a process it began since at least the middle of 2018.

Spokespeople for neither Google nor Huawei immediately returned a request for comment about the report.

The order - which empowers the United States government to ban the technology and services of "foreign adversaries" deemed to pose "unacceptable risks" to national security - did not name specific countries or companies.

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Huawei executive Richard Yu was reported to have said: "We have prepared our own operating system".

But on the other side, Huawei's own replacement of Google services can also be solid, especially the new Ark Compiler that has the potential to significantly boost app performance on Huawei's own Android mod EMUI. Microsoft's Windows OS is a prime example of an attempt by a large, established tech company to create a new mobile OS that never took off, Blaber says. The ban could also hinder Huawei's ability to produce its latest equipment, since the company relies on us suppliers for components including wireless chips, antennas and handset operating software.

"The United States is Google's biggest market, and so it wants to stay friendly with the USA government and the US market more than the concessions its willing to make to the Chinese government", explained Walters. Huawei has repeatedly denied those allegations.

Analysts note, however, that Huawei's severance from the American market could be an opportunity for China to boost its independence in the technology industry.

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