United Kingdom condemns USA application of Cuba sanctions to foreign companies

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Donald Trump opted to put an end to this two-decade suspension - a move that is likely to ward off foreign investments to the island and increase pressure on Havana over its support for the embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Under this administration, we don't throw dictators lifelines; we will take them away.

This section allows United States nationals to file lawsuits against individuals and legal entities from third countries that invest in Cuban territory in nationalized properties after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

President Trump's hostility toward socialism is informing USA foreign policy, particularly in Latin America, where it is driving a belligerent posture toward Venezuela and Cuba. "We see the sanctions as absolutely unlawful and illegitimate", he said, according to Russian propaganda outlet Sputnik.

"The EU will consider all options at its disposal to protect its legitimate interests, including in relation to its WTO rights and through the use of the EU Blocking Statute", EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said in a joint statement.

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The law had been on the books but was systematically suspended every six months amid heated disagreements with the European Union.

"The EU and Canada consider the extraterritorial application of unilateral Cuba-related measures contrary to worldwide law".

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the USA will enforce a controversial provision of the decades-old trade embargo on Cuba that will allow American citizens to file lawsuits in U.S. federal courts against businesses that operate on property seized by the Cuban government during the revolution, CNN reported.

A new wave of measures announced by Washington on Wednesday targeting Cuba is part of the U.S.

Spain, which has large investments in hotels and other tourism-related industries on the island, was the first to react.

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The official requested anonymity because she wasn't authorized to discuss the matter publicly. With interest this value could be somewhere in the $8 billion range, she added.

He said Obama administration policies had given the Cuban government "political cover to expand its malign influence" across the region, including in Venezuela.

The administration is expected to announce Wednesday that it will allow lawsuits against foreign companies doing business in properties seized from Americans after Cuba's 1959 revolution. "The world has told John Bolton and the USA government to eliminate the criminal blockade against Cuba and the Helms-Burton Act".

Pompeo announced earlier Wednesday that the administration will end waivers, activated by five presidents over the past 20 years, of a 1996 law allowing compensation lawsuits by USA citizens against any entity or person "trafficking" in confiscated property in Cuba.

When the USA law came went into force in 1996, then-president Bill Clinton postponed the implementation of Title III; until now, every subsequent president has followed suit, renewing the exemption every six months.

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