Samsung Officially Delays Launch of Galaxy Fold Smartphone

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No new launch date has been given but we believe Samsung is working on the problem. Early reviewers experienced a number of issues, including flickering and bulging screens. Here's what we enjoyed about this phone and what we like to see improved. "We plan to announce the release date in the coming weeks", a Samsung spokesperson said on Monday. There was also an instance where substances found inside the device affected the display performance. It's not a screen protector though, and if you pull it off the display will break. We will also enhance the guidance on care and use of the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold. This $1,980 phone is far from ideal, screen issues aside, but it's a great step forward.

Now that Samsung has delayed its Galaxy Fold rollout, you may be wondering when the phone will arrive, especially if you ordered one.

The company essentially gave reviewers a "beta product" without enough information, such as not to peel off a protective coating meant to be permanent, according to independent technology analyst Rob Enderle. The company already has a disgusting track record with first-generation products, as we've said time and time again. "It's likely that this glitch is a problem with mass production and the failure is just in the single digit percentage", he said. "And Huawei is moving up like a rocket, so this could be good for Huawei". We have now lost count of how many Galaxy Fold review units broke shortly after being sent to bloggers to review, but suffice it to say the figure is painfully high. The fragility makes potential repairs hard and could account for the quick demise of screens on several phones sent to reviewers last week. iFixit noted that its slim bezels aren't flexible enough to survive constant folding and unfolding and that replacing the screen would be quite expensive. The phone withstood 200,000 fold tests from robots, but humans are using the devices in real-world conditions and aren't as gentle as robots, iFixit said.

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Testing folding phones in a lab is a much different scenario than challenging them "in the wild" where they need to endure pockets, handbags, greasy food, spilled coffee and more, the analyst noted.

Samsung is the world's biggest smartphone maker, and earlier this month launched the 5G version of its top-end Galaxy S10 device. Samsung decided this week to delay the device's April 26 release and recalled the review units.

The firm is also no stranger to device issues.

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With the Galaxy Fold release date having been scheduled for this Friday, April 26th, Samsung has undoubtedly manufactured quite a few handsets at this point.

While Samsung's device was not the first folding handset, the smartphone giant was expected to help spark demand and potentially revive a sector that has been struggling for new innovations.

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