Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit screens are already breaking

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The news that the displays of some review units are breaking just one or two days into their use isn't great for the Galaxy Fold, though, especially days before the $1,980 smartphone launches. Initial hands-on impressions of the handset were pretty positive. He confirmed that a piece inside the device poked up and did something very bad to the inside of the Galaxy Fold. However, now that these people have been using the device for a little while, the honeymoon period is ending.

There were already concerns about the fragility of the display due its covering being made of plastic along with the constant folding/unfolding stresses that the device would undergo. Samsung says the phone has a screen-to-body ratio of 92% and the punch hole is smaller at 4.8mm than that of the Honor View 20 and Galaxy A8s. The problems range from bulges under the screen with lines on the display to flashing panels and huge dead spots. A CNBC video shows the left side of the inside screen intermittently flashing, and the right side as unresponsive. Kovach's in particular seems brutal, with one half of the display flashing blinding white.

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"I just know that the screen is broken, and there was no obvious proximate cause for the bulge that broke it", writes Bohn.

CNBC, however, didn't remove the layer and it's reporting the same screen issue. However, it doesn't appear that this is the culprit for all the problems. Marques Brownlee, a popular device reviewer on YouTube, did the same thing, leading Samsung to warn reviewers today not to remove the protective layer - though reviewers have noted that the film is delicate, and could be removed by accident.

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Dieter Bohn of The Verge even posted photos of how the hinge has damaged the display. Last night, for example, just over half of the display was unusable, but now only a small area of the panel along the right side continues to work.

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We asked Samsung for comment on reports of issues with the Galaxy Fold's display and will update this story once we've heard back.