Rear wheel drive Model 3 available in EU & Asia

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It now costs $39 500 with Autopilot included.

Standardizing the car's autopilot feature to all trims - a feature that has been blamed for several accidents across the USA and is the crux of ensuing lawsuits - also affects its pricing options.

Tesla Inc. announced changes to its vehicle lineup and pricing, including ending online sales of the bottom-of-the-range $35,000 auto, in an effort to drive demand after disappointing first-quarter deliveries.

But online customers will no longer be able to order the Model 3 Standard for $35,000, a long-promised price for a vehicle that has been seen as essential to Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk's ambition to disrupt the auto industry.

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The electric automaker has removed the Model 3 Standard from its online ordering menu.

On Friday, Musk, 47, was back on social media, though this time to respond to a post critical of how frequently Tesla has changed the prices of its vehicles lately.

Finally, leasing has come to the Model 3. It means the $35,000 Standard Model 3 will now be sold as a software-limited version of the Standard Plus.

What just happened? Tesla said that since introducing the Standard and Standard Plus editions last quarter, the premium model has outsold the Standard more than six to one. But because it's disabled through software, drivers can upgrade to a Standard Plus any time they want, the company says. The company warns that customers who choose leasing will not have the option to buy the auto at the end of the term, as the vehicles will be used for Tesla's ride-hailing network. Tesla will begin delivering the Model 3 Standard this weekend, according to the post.

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People can choose between a definite lease package for 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000 miles.

Lessees interested in a dual-motor Long Range Model 3 can easily find themselves with a $700 per month lease payment. According to Tesla's data, the Standard Plus outsold the $35,000 base auto by a ratio of 6:1.

Model 3 SR Plus now available in Norway too, at a VERY attractive NOK 367,700.

It's important to highlight that "customers who choose leasing over owning will not have the option to purchase their auto at the end of the lease".

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