Mueller report will be released within a week:US attorney general

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He said he had offered Mueller the chance to review his four-page letter, but that Mueller declined.

The lack of details in Barr's letter, his decision not to charge Trump and his refusal to release the report in full without redactions has angered Democrats, who fear he may be sugar coating Mueller's findings.

Barr maintained that he is working "diligently to make as much information as possible available to Congress".

That includes the most crucial and potentially damning information Democrats seek: testimony and documents from Mueller's grand jury, a panel of citizens convened to develop and hear the evidence and depose key witnesses behind closed doors.

First is grand jury information, or "6 (e)" material that was obtained during grand jury proceedings, which under the law has to be redacted.

Barr is to give evidence on the report itself at separate hearings before the Senate and House Judiciary committees on May 1 and 2. "The letter on the 29th, I don't believe that was reviewed by Mr. Mueller or that they participated in drafting that letter".

Barr said in the summary released last month that Mueller didn't find a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and the Kremlin.

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He insisted that he "tried to use special counsel Mueller's own language" in that letter. CNN found that only 101 words, including the title, were direct quotes from Mueller's report.

"And here's the point", said Graham.

"More generally", Barr said, "I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around of all the aspects of the counter-intelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016".

For some, that will be too late, considering that all the public knows about the findings in a 22-month inquiry that cast a cloud over Trump's presidency is the little that Barr has already disclosed.

The assertion came during an appearance before members of the House Appropriations Committee, where questions about Barr's handling of the report on whether US President Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russian Federation dominated what otherwise would have been a routine budget hearing.

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday on Fox News that no one in the administration had requested an advance copy of the report.

"[Mueller] and his people had been interacting with the deputy attorney general and lawyers supporting the deputy attorney general in his supervision of the Special Counsel, and in that context there had been discussions, so there was some inkling as to some of the thinking of the Special Counsel", he said. "It's hard to have that discussion without the contents of the report, isn't it?" he said.

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The attorney general also addressed media reports that alleged members of the Special Counsel were not happy with his letter.

It is unclear what the fragment refers to exactly, or why Mueller would add a caveat like that but not pursue criminal charges. But he stopped well short of pledging to provide the full report as Democrats have demanded.

Instead, the topic of his appearance is the Trump administration's proposed budget for the Justice Department for the fiscal year that begins in October. And information related to ongoing information will presumably eventually be revealed in some form or another, and most people would agree it's best for law enforcement to maintain its ability to do its job in those case.

Justice Department spokeswoman Kelly Laco said the agency was "pleased that the court reaffirmed the Department of Justice's longstanding position and Supreme Court precedent that the proper functioning of the grand jury depends on the confidentiality of proceedings".

Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) asked Barr if he realized how many people would be impacted if the Department of Justice's attack on Obamacare proves successful. "We're not here today to be in a confrontational situation with you".

"If this was such a hokey position to take, what are you anxious about?"

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