Flight attendant in coma with measles

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Another measles exposure has also been confirmed at the Long Beach Airport after one traveler diagnosed with the infection passed through twice, on March 30 and April 7, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The department said measles is spread through the air by breathing, coughing or sneezing. The 43-year-old woman reportedly developed encephalitis-swelling of the brain-a potentially deadly, severe complication of a virus that was once thought to be eradicated in North America, but is now experiencing a national resurgence. If you have had the measles, your body has built up its immune system to fight the disease so you can not get the measles again.

A Brooklyn judge upheld New York City's emergency order requiring people in Kings County to get the measles vaccine.

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"If you're not sure, if you don't have an immunization record probably the best route to go is just get the vaccine", said Sandra Swann the Director of Nursing for the Trumbull County Health District. Health officials in Israel believe she contracted the highly contagious disease during a flight from NY to Tel Aviv in March.

The condition of the El Al worker who was hospitalized earlier this month with the measles has deteriorated, Hebrew media reported on Thursday.

This is all so scary because there are many folks who don't vaccinate their children. The WHO says these outbreaks are 'causing many deaths, ' with most of the victims being young children. Three to five days after symptoms begin, a red rash breaks out. A titer test is a blood test that checks for the presence of certain antibodies in the blood stream to determine whether you're immune to a specific disease, such as measles.

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In addition to properly vaccinating healthy children to prevent disease, adults can also take steps to avoid contracting and spreading the measles virus. Yet measles persists in close-knit and insular communities-the Amish in OH, for example, Minnesota's Somali populations, and Eastern European enclaves in Washington state-that don't commonly vaccinate children.

Currently, there's no known measles risk at the airport. "If you have further questions, contact your family doctor or the Health Ministry".

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