NASA offering job that pays you $27000 to sleep for 60 days

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It will be happening in the German city of Cologne, where the aerospace centre is based, between September and December this year. "Bed rest simulates this condition", reads a German-language statement, per USA Today. And the beds will be angled downward toward the head, as this duplicates numerous effects of a low-gravity environment.

A few days back we talked about a joint NASA and ESA study that was being conducted in Germany looking at long term effects of weightlessness on astronauts and how artificial gravity might help them.

"This bed rest study. offers space researchers from all over Europe and the US the opportunity to work together and jointly acquire as much scientific knowledge about human physiology as possible".

Would you be willing to stay in bed for two months if you could get paid for it? As DLR explains, "All experiments, meals, and leisure pursuits will take place lying down during the bed-rest phase".

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One group will be rotated in a centrifuge, like an artificial gravity chamber, while the other group won't move, ABC News reported.

Each participant will have a private room and stay in a bed inclined at 6 ° with the head end downwards.

A nutritionist will be on hand to take care of everyone's diets and make sure the participants don't gain weight and are receiving everything their body needs.

Participants must be women between ages 24 and 55.

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NASA has created the flawless job for anyone who really enjoys staying in bed all day, as long as they don't mind continuing to do just that for 60 days without a break.

In addition to the $19,000 stipend, the DLR points out additional benefits to participating in the study.

The center is now looking for test person to take part in a bed rest study from September to December 2019. Note that you will have to translate the page into English.

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