Four points of conflict between Gerry Butts and Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimonies

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She said she believed no laws were broken but that the interactions crossed the line of her prosecutorial discretion.

When a person makes the decision to run for in political party, you are held to a higher standard, you give up your independence for the greater good, you have to live a life under a microscope, you are servant of the people and country, you are not entitled, you are not in a position to advance your interests no matter how you dress this up. It is the same reason the office of the DPP was set up in the first place: to insulate such decisions, so far as possible, from political interference. The attorney-general alone has the power to intervene in exceptional circumstances. And in no circumstances is the attorney general's authority to be compromised - not by direct orders, not by veiled threats or by pressure of any kind, even in the guise of an endlessly repeated suggestion that she seek an outside opinion. "Expect us to make correct decisions, stand for what is right and exit when values are compromised", she also tweeted.

Mr Trudeau and other officials deny doing anything improper by asking Ms Wilson-Raybould to consider offering SNC-Lavalin a deal to avoid a trial on charges of bribing Libyan officials.

It's rare that a Canadian politician would sacrifice the honour as well as the comfortable perks and weighty prerogatives that come with being a member of the Queen's Privy Council on a matter of principle.

Imagine the breadth and strength of Wilson-Raybould's will and conviction to defy such an overt entreaty from the prime minister of Canada. Repeatedly providing the attorney-general with "information" and "context" about a how to resolve a case is highly problematic, especially when that "context" is coming from the Prime Ministers' Office. Those rules, and the Public Prosecution Service, were part of anti-corruption measures brought in by the Harper Conservatives in 2006 after the Liberal sponsorship scandal.

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"I was not aware of that erosion of trust, and as prime minister and leader of the federal ministry, I should have been", he said.

Liberal MPs Greg Fergus and Celina Caesar-Chavannes have wanted the government to articulate strong messages around supporting Canada's black communities, she added.

"We had heard representations from various sources, including the company itself, that this was an issue of deep concern to them and that it would potentially have consequences as dire as the company having to leave Canada altogether, and that would be something that obviously would have a severe impact on the thousands of people employed right across the country", Trudeau said.

And not just the DPP.

Pat Carney is a former journalist, Conservative MP, cabinet minister and senator, who served 27 years in Parliament.

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Under a 2018 federal law, prosecutors may negotiate a deferred prosecution agreement with corporate offenders.

Oh, and Trudeau's faithful female surrogates in the cabinet would appear on radio and television to testify that their former cabinet colleague was certainly entitled to tell "her" truth, which may not, however, reflect the objective truth.

Whether SNC-Lavalin gets the sweetheart deal it has been seeking to avoid criminal prosecution on bribery and fraud charges is now purely a political decision. "I think they would have thought more".

In a written submission to the government consultation, SNC-Lavalin called on Ottawa to align its ineligibility guidelines with those of the United States, where an organization could be excluded from bidding on procurement contracts for up to three years, with the possibility of extension. The phone call was extraordinary in two respects.

Yet when it comes to accounting for his own mistakes, he is less demonstrative.

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