Ethiopian Airlines flight reported trouble soon after takeoff

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The Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed in Ethiopia on Sunday killing 157 people requested permission to return to Addis Ababa airport three minutes after takeoff as it accelerated to abnormal speed, the New York Times reported. What we can say is we don't have the capability to probe it here in Ethiopia, " Begashaw said. Kelly Karanja said her sister was deeply spiritual and always knew how to read things, CNN reports.

"We discussed the departure at length and I reviewed in my mind our automation setup and flight profile but can't think of any reason the aircraft would pitch nose down so aggressively", one pilot said.

Another witness told the Associated Press that smoke came from the rear of the plane, and that it rotated twice in the air before hitting the ground and exploding.

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Ethiopian Airlines had said it would work with Boeing, the national civil aviation authority and worldwide experts in trying to unravel what caused the brand new plane to come down just six minutes into its flight. The two men often fly Ethiopian Airlines for business and plan on completing their journey to Nairobi through Addis Ababa with the airline.

But the Ethiopia disaster followed another crash involving the same model in Indonesia six months ago.

The Ethiopian Airlines will transport the bodies to Cairo while the Egyptian Embassy in Addis Ababa works to obtain death certificates for the victims, in coordination with the relevant authorities in Ethiopia, Hashim said. In this case, Ethiopia picked France, but not the USA, which certified the airworthiness of the 737 Max jets. But in a statement since the March 10 crash, the US Federal Aviation Administration has declared the MAX 8 airworthy.

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"Only because of this am I able to speak with you now", said Moseson, a Gerrer chosid. "I'm sure that was under consideration that the FAA was adamant until they weren't. I think this one will be the same".

The French agency insists that its investigations are not aimed at assigning blame but at finding out what went wrong to make recommendations to improve air safety around the world.

The black box which was retrieved from the remains of the plane will be resourceful in providing information about the crash.

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Following the Lion Air crash, it took four days from the discovery of the flight data recorder for Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee to reveal that the plane had a malfunctioning air speed indicator for its last four flights, and at the time of the crash.