Android 10 beta rolls out

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You can install the Android Q beta on any Pixel phone, going all the way back to the 2016 first-gen version.

Foldable phone improvements. Android Q will better support the foldable handsets that are just starting to appear this year, with new multi-resume and resizable app capabilities.

As Android fans know, every new version of the operating system is named after a sweet treat. Until now, the firm rolled out the first preview of the Android OS to non-developers only after rolling out the second developer beta.

Early adopters can get started by enrolling any Pixel device, including the original Pixel and Pixel XL.

We'll be bringing you more on Android Q's desktop mode as we learn all about it. Google will be talking about these subjects a whole lot more at GDC 2019 - so stay tuned for deeper details. Android betas are mainly aimed at developers to help them optimise apps according to the UI of the upcoming Android version. The fourth version of the beta, which will feature final APIs, the official SDK and app publishing libraries for the Play Store, is set for the turn of June. Users will also get more control on apps when it comes to accessing the location.

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You'll have more control over apps and their access to shared files. This platform allows users to connect their Samsung device to a display, mouse, and keyboard, essentially creating a desktop computer powered by the device. Also, apps that access downloaded files on your device have to now go through the system file picker.

Android Q will also let the users jump directly into another app for sharing content using a feature called Sharing Shortcuts. Be sure to check out the full list of changes by following the below links.

As for what's coming in the future, Android Q also has the foldable tech into consideration.

As rumors suggested, the Android team has refined privacy settings in Android Q, and we're starting to see some.

The notch itself has proven to be one of the more controversial phone design elements to have come through in recent years and it therefore stands to reason the new screenshot design will prove to be equally controversial.

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Android Q's desktop mode is clearly a work-in-progress but it's nonetheless an interesting development.

Google has a detailed explanation of what features are contained in Android Q thus far in its blog post announcing the beta availability. Speaking of Wi-Fi, Google is adding new wireless technologies to manage IoT hardware via Wi-Fi. The Android Runtime (ART) in Android Q can pre-compile parts of an app to reduce launch times. Talking about peer-to-peer connectivity, the new stack makes the process easier with fewer prompts while taking into account past performance on different connections. This means that the depth metadata will be recorded instead of being discarded after the blur or other depth-related effects are applied in the image.

The XMP will be embedded in the same image file.

I think this is a brilliant feature, and you won't ever have to share your WiFi password with others. We advise updating a device that isn't your primary one to prevent any potential data loss if you're eager to try Android Q.

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