Warren requires change as she makes presidential bid official - Eire

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Donald Trump has been condemned after appearing to make a joke about the Trail of Tears - the forced relocation of Native Americans leading to the deaths of thousands of people - as he mocked the launch of Democrat Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign.

Warren would be contesting against incumbent President Trump, who on one occasion called her "Pocahontas" due to her alleged Native American ancestry.

Her apology comes amid an ongoing controversy that has lasted over a year and has been haunting her 2020 candidacy as she prepares to formally announce a presidential bid.

By capping up the word "trail", Trump seemingly made a reference to the removal of Native Americans from ancestral lands onto reservations during the 1800s. Her remarks came amid continued scrutiny of the MA senator's past claims to Native ancestry.

Warren, who announced the formation of her exploratory committee on New Year's Eve, had until this weekend largely avoided addressing the President by name in her campaign, despite high-profile disputes with him on social media.

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"By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be president".

Warren went on to describe Trump as "the symptom of a badly broken system".

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., waves to local residents as she arrives at an organizing event, Sunday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It includes several well-known women lawmakers, with Senator Amy Klobuchar expected to join their numbers on Sunday.

Warren wondered if the candidates and press would undyingly focus on Trump's tweets and "dark and ugly" statements every day. "Let him make a full report to the American people and then collectively we can make the decision about what the appropriate next step is". "It's no longer just the Mueller investigation", Warren said.

A former Justice Department legal expert wrote in The New York Times in December saying that Trump technically could be indicted, but that it was unlikely to happen.

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Trump has dubbed Warren "Pocahontas" over her claims of Native American ancestry.

Brenda Toineeta Pipestem, a former NIWRC board member and now a tribal Supreme Court justice said it is "important" the native community show their support for Warren, calling her an ally.

Warren cemented her 2020 campaign with a call to fight economic inequality and build "an America that works for everyone".

Ms Warren announced her campaign in her home state of MA at a mill site where largely immigrant factory workers went on strike about 100 years ago, a fitting forum for the longtime consumer advocate to advance her platform.

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