Trump wall emergency a 'good chance'

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Democrat and Republican lawmakers have warned that declaring a national emergency would face legal challenges, and would not result in the hasty release of funds for the wall. She knows that you need a barrier, she knows we need border security.

Trump once again called a congressional conference committee debating border security a "waste of time" and said his administration was proceeding with the construction of 115 miles of wall on the border with Mexico using money "on hand".

In defending the wall, Trump recited his usual list of talking points, claiming drugs are "pouring in" and that there are "people dying all over the country because of people like Nancy Pelosi who don't want to give proper border security for political reasons".

"Well, I think that she was very rigid - which I would expect - but I think she is very bad for our country", the president said.

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Pelosi held firm on her stance for no border wall funding and, after the longest shutdown in American history, Trump caved and reopened the government for three weeks while negotiations on border security funding continue.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi returns to her office from the Senate after US President Donald Trump announced a deal to end the partial government shutdown on Capitol Hill in Washington January 25, 2019. According to an excerpt of his planned remarks, Trump will implore Congress to compromise on issues including immigration and infrastructure.

President Donald Trump's latest tweet about the border outright told all foreigners to "KEEP OUT!" And I have a very good relationship. I want that as president and I'd want that as a citizen. We have an unbelievable and expensive military base built in Iraq. "It's perfectly situated for looking at all over different parts of the troubled Middle East rather than pulling up", the commander in chief said.

"I have intel people, but that doesn't mean I have to agree", he said.

Pelosi vows no wall funds, Trump says he won't wait for talks
Head of the committee and House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Nita Lowey said they were pushing for "smart border security". The president also took to Twitter, to announce that more United States troops are being sent to the country's southern border .

If so, the speech would stand in contrast not only to Trump's latest remarks about Pelosi but also to his tone throughout his presidency.

"I never did" discuss WikiLeaks with Stone or direct anyone to coordinate with him on the matter, Trump told the Times.

"It's a awful witch hunt and it's a disgrace", he said, adding that he would leave it up to the US attorney general to decide whether to release Mueller's eventual report. "There was no nothing".

"He actually plays a lot of soccer", Trump said of the youngest of his five children.

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