Trump Promises Venezuelans, 'New Day Is Coming in Latin America'

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Even while criticizing Donald Trump's confrontational stance toward his socialist government, Maduro said he holds out hope of meeting the USA president to resolve an impasse over his recognition of opponent Juan Guaido as Venezuela's rightful leader.

Guaido declared himself acting president on January 23, but Maduro - who was inaugurated for a second term that the U.S., dozens of other countries and the Venezuelan opposition have decried as illegitimate - has neither stepped down nor heeded calls to hold another election. He accused the US president of speaking in an "almost Nazi style" and lashed out at Trump for thinking he can deliver orders to Venezuela's military. On January 28 the USA imposed sancitons on Venezuela's state-owned PDVSA oil company. If you choose this path, you will find no safe harbor, no easy exit and no way out.

The second wave of humanitarian aid provided by the USA government for Venezuela arrived Saturday in the town of Cucuta along the Colombia-Venezuela border, only a week after the first wave of US supplies arrived on the border in response to Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaido's request for humanitarian assistance.

He has given the Maduro government until Saturday to let the shipments into the country, which is in the grip of a humanitarian crisis due to shortages of food and medicine exacerbated by hyperinflation.

Pompeo's spoke with reporters Friday in Reykjavik, Iceland following an exclusive AP interview with Maduro, who said he's willing to meet President Donald Trump - any time or place. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has described it as a coup attempt and announced severing diplomatic relations with the United States. Maduro said. "They think they're the owners of the country".

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Maduro's government lost legitimacy after he was sworn for a second presidential term on January 10 despite warnings by foreign governments and worldwide organizations not to do so.

So far, over half a million Venezuelans have signed up to volunteer deliver the aid from Colombia into Venezuela, according to Guaido.

In Caracas, Guaido, whose claim to be interim president now has the support of more than 50 countries, told a large rally that 600,000 people had registered to help bring desperately needed aid in through border points. Those left behind struggle to afford scarce supplies of food and medicine as inflation soars.

"Once more the Old World can take a stance in support of freedom in the New World".

Abrams gave no indication the USA was prepared to ease demands Maduro step down.

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Sanders said Trump would warn the Venezuelan military that they "have a clear choice - work toward democracy for their future and the future of their families, or they will lose everything they have".

Trump urged the Venezuelan military to accept Guaido's offer of amnesty and refrain from violence against those opposing Maduro's government.

Sanctions were also imposed on Ivan Rafael Hernandez Dala, the commander Venezuela's Directorate General of Military Counter-Intelligence; Rafael Enrique Bastardo Mendoza, the head of a controversial elite police unit known as FAES; and Manuel Salvador Quevedo Fernandez, the president of Venezuela's state-owned oil company. Sanders says Trump would warn the Venezuelan military that the US "knows where military officials and their families have money hidden throughout the world".

Trump is set to deliver remarks at Florida International University in Miami.

Trump has also previously seized on the deteriorating situation in Venezuela as a political attack line, warning voters in hyperbolic terms that Democratic policies will turn the U.S. into Venezuela.

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