Solo and Duo modes might be coming to Apex Legends

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Those numbers pale in comparison to Apex Legends, of course, but any increase for a two-year-old game is notable.

"Despite having over 600,000 less total hours streamed than Fortnite in the past seven days, Apex Legends incredibly has had nearly 11 million more total hours watched", notes Dexerto.

We'll see if it has staying power, but EA's new game Apex Legends has quickly rocketed past market leader Fortnite, with over 25 million sign-ups in just one week.

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Which, some have speculated, comes as a direct result of the game's initial success.

Apex Legends is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A huge missed opportunity for COD: Blackout, not for Apex.

For examples, play as Lifeline, a medic who uses a drone to increase her own and teammates' health and has fast healing capabilities, or Wraith, a sprite-like presence who can create portals through which players can effect attacks and retreats. There's always a chance that we will be seeing a new skin or two for the characters. However, Apex Legends has been a much more polished experience from the start.

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In a somewhat unusual first ever Apex Legends tournament, Team Kings Canyon, composed of streamers Ninja, Dizzy, and King Richard, came out on top with an iconic score of-brace yourself-420. From being free-to-play to its smooth, varied, and stunning gameplay, it's hard to play anything else right now.

Apex Legends still has a long way to go to catch up to Fortnite's dominance.

The EA-developed title is free-to-play, like its main rivals Fortnite and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, although it offers a number of additional features at a price thanks to so-called Loot Boxes which can be bought for additional in-game items. And Jefferies said Fortnite's viewership on the video game streaming site Twitch was "basically chopped in half" in the days following the Apex release. And if that happens, let's just hope it is not limited to certain devices at launch as was the case with Epic Games' smash hit, Fortnite. Will players jump ship again?

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