Militant Iran Taunts US on Revolution's 40th Birthday

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The report acknowledged that it was impossible to measure the success, impact, or even existence of such a program, but pointed to the Iranian space agency's high launch-failure rate - 67 percent as opposed to a global average of five percent - as proof of American saboteurs' effectiveness.

Others carried pictures of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Shi'ite religious leader whose return from exile led to the ouster of Iran's Shah. "The enemies are now confessing to their defeat", said Rouhani.

The Iranian photographer behind the photo from last year's protests in Tehran has given a statement denouncing U.S. President Donald Trump's use of her photo in his Monday tweet.

In a speech at Tehran's Azadi square, President Hassan Rouhani dismissed USA efforts to isolate Iran, saying US sanctions could not break the Islamic Republic.

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Since the revolution, Iran has become more divided.

Elsewhere, the head of the elite Quds Force of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Qassem Soleimani, attended the rally in the southern city of Kerman.

A spate of accidents in Iran's ballistic missile launches has been blamed on the United States slipping in defective and fake parts into supply chain to sabotage Tehran's missile program.

The US said it was confronting Iran's influence in the Middle East and that it was now concentrating on "preventing the transference of sophisticated Iranian weapons to resistance forces", a reference to Lebanon's Iran-backed Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. We will also hold accountable those governments that allow Iran and its agents to use their territories to purchase, finance, or transfer items that support their nuclear and missile programs.

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One of the people in the crowd, 27-year-old medical student Hossein Hosseinpour, walked with his wife and their 18-month son Amir Ali. He said he wanted to teach his son to support the revolution. "My mother, despite her illness, asked me to bring her out", he said.

Two Iranian rocket failures so far this year can be chalked up to USA sabotage efforts, the New York Times, citing more than six current and former government officials who told the paper these botched satellite launches are part of an 11-year "pattern". Besides those who appreciate her move, she said she is receiving many abusive comments for her objection to Trump's tweet. "I don't think you'll have many more anniversaries to enjoy", Bolton said. However, he assured that he has nothing against the American people.

On Monday, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif took to Twitter to praise the turnout.

"Islamic Iran has reached a level... to protect its borders by effective military capabilities, and firmly punish any aggressor", Brigadier General Ramezan Sharif, spokesman for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) said during a rally celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Islamic revolution.

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