Federal prosecutors intend to subpoena Trump inaugural committee, source says

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She said the committee received the subpoena late Monday and was reviewing it.

The Times also reported that prosecutors were interested in whether foreigners had circumvented campaign finance restrictions to illegally donate to the committee, and whether employees on the committee were aware of any such donations.

Inaugural spending first raised eyebrows when tax filings a year ago revealed the five biggest vendor payments totaled almost $26 million to WIS Media Partners, which is advised by Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, who is reportedly a close friend of Melania Trump.

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Federal prosecutors have issued a subpoena seeking documents from Donald Trump's inaugural committee, furthering a federal inquiry into a fund that has faced mounting scrutiny into how it raised and spent its money.

A spokesperson for the Southern District of NY didn't immediately respond to HuffPost's request for comment.

Federal prosecutors in the state of NY are seeking information and documents regarding US President Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony.

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Inaugural committee chairman Tom Barrack, who was not named in the subpoena, did not comment on the story, and neither did the spokesperson from the U.S. Attorney's Office. Mueller said in January that Gates was cooperating with "several ongoing investigations" when he sought to delay his sentencing.

Further, the report stated that prosecutors interviewed Richard Gates, who served as both a Trump campaign aide and the inaugural committee's deputy chair, regarding the organization's spending. Foreign contributions to inaugural funds and PACs are prohibited under federal law. The committee previously raised $107 million for Trump's inauguration. Barrack told the AP he was not a target of the Mueller investigation, which has been looking into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

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