Apple's 'Netflix for news' faces publisher resistance over revenue split terms

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According to the website, Apple will be announcing all three products at the aforementioned date, though it should be noted that the technology giant was reported on several occasions to unveil the AirPods 2 during the month of March.

Apple is known to be working on a video content platform that could include original TV shows and films, as well as a separate media subscription service that would allow unlimited access to magazines - just like the Texture app it acquired a year ago. "There will be more things coming, I don't want to tell you what they are". A Wall Street Journal report today indicated that news outlets are hesitant to agree to Apple's 50 percent revenue cut from the service.

Beyond music, Apple's next big push into services centers on TV, and in particular, original programming.

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BuzzFeed notes that instead of announcing new AirPods or a new iPad Mini, the company will instead focus on subscription services.

As with any rumor, we can't be 100% sure if it's true, and with no firm indication from Apple, we can only speculate about a release date for the Apple AirPods 2. Although the company has unveiled new iPads during events held in March in years past, the report indicates a subscription news service will be the focus of the event. Multiple major publishers have, according to the sources, failed to sign onto the plan due in part to the financial terms; among these publishers is allegedly the New York Times and Washington Post.

No single model has proven particularly fruitful, and a subscription service akin to the one expected from Apple may become a popular alternative.

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It's unclear at this time how much Apple will charge for its anticipated paid news subscription, but sources have claimed that it would sit around $10/month. Should the news service take off as a success, offering a year's worth of support is easy.

Apple declined to comment on or confirm a March 25 event. Apple has typically sought a cut of between 30 percent for apps in the App Store to 15 percent for premium channel apps such as HBO.

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