Violence rages in northeastern Brazil despite deployment

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US officials haven't made any recent public statements calling for a base in Brazil.

Asked about the possibility of setting up a United States military base in Brazil, Bolsonaro said "who knows if it would be necessary to discuss this".

"This merger would be very good but we can't, as is set out in the last proposal, allow everything to be handed over to the other side in five years' time", he said.

The Lima Group of Latin American nations plus Canada said on Friday that last year's elections in Venezuela were not democratic and they would not recognize the legitimacy of leftist President Nicolas Maduro's new term starting January 10.

Bolsonaro, 63, represents a sharp break with Brazil's recent record of left of center policies, swerving his country sharply to the right and towards the United States.

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The political risk consulting firm Eurasia Group called that "his greatest challenge: to construct a working majority in congress to approve much-needed fiscal reforms".

He added that "the only weighty voice speaking out against me is Iran", the Shiite Islamic republic that is an enemy to Israel and hostile to Arab allies of the USA such as Saudi Arabia.

American military base in Brazil?

. During part of the war, the Brazilian costal town had one of was the busiest airports in the world.

Former Brazilian national security secretary Jose Vicente da Silva believes such a base could be advantageous. The Americans have concerns in the Amazon because of drug trafficking.

In Thursday's TV interview Bolsonaro praised Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Hungarian colleague Viktor Orban.

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For indigenous leaders and environmental activists, the decision cemented fears that Brazil's new president would roll back years of progress in slowing deforestation. After his election as Governor, he had announced the use of snipers against armed Suspects, even without immediate danger to the lives of police officers.

Intelligence reports published in the Brazilian media attributed the violence to a reaction by gangs to attempts to end their control of some prisons by separating inmates by affiliation and blocking cellphone signals.

Mr Moro previously led a vast investigation into Brazilian corruption known as Operation Car Wash. Last year, almost 64,000 were killed, many from firearms.

The far-right leader is upending foreign policy dating back over a decade, which saw the leftist Workers Party emphasizing South-South relations and sometimes tussling on the worldwide stage with the United States.

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