Nvidia's RTX 2060 is faster than the GTX 1070 Ti

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It also refreshed its GT, GL, and GE series to incorporate the 8th gen Intel Core i9 processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU.

MSI sparked CES 2019 into life today with the dramatic reveal of eight powerful and innovative new gaming laptops, including the world's first thin and light system to boast the insanely powerful Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics processor, the MSI GS75 Stealth. The RTX 2060 will be available either directly from Nvidia or if you don't fancy doing it that way, there are plenty of third-party manufacturers to take your pick from. When Nvidia announced its Turing GPU architecture a year ago, it couldn't stop talking about ray tracing, which is some very cool technology that allows reflections and shadows in a digitally rendered environment (like a game) to behave as they would in real life.

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Nvidia has always been talking up its ray tracing technology for gaming, but if you wanted to get in on the fun, you had to shell out at least $499 for an RTX 1070 (or up to a whopping $999 or more for a 2080 Ti).

During a demo of the card, Nvidia showed the RTX 2060 running Battlefield V with full real-time ray tracing turned on at more than 60 frames per second at 1440p. Mr. Huang went on to discuss DLSS, which stands for Deep Learning Super Sampling, which in effect, brings in a cleaner image with a minimal performance loss.

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The RTX 2060 will be available worldwide starting on January 15 in computers built by Acer, Alienware, Dell, Lenovo, and more.

Five months ago, Nvidia finally lifted the lid on their next generation of Turing RTX graphics cards, the GTX 1080-beating RTX 2070, the sort-of-but-not-quite-as-good-as-the-GTX-1080Ti RTX 2080 and the 4K monster that is the RTX 2080Ti.

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Almost five months after making its debut for desktop PCs, NVIDIA's latest RTX 20 Series graphics chips are ready for the limelight in laptops. However, Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang said Sunday night, "We know that ray tracing is computationally intensive". The RTX 2060 will be available sometime next week for $349, with either Battlefield V, or Anthem, thrown in as part a larger gaming bundle.