NASA’s planet hunting probe discovers third new planet

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Since its first published photo in May, NASA's TESS (short for "Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite") has discovered more than 80 exoplanets in record time, including two Earth-like planets orbiting a nearby star.

The TESS Satellite Telescope finds the planets by observing the distant stars.

"It's the coolest small planet that we know of around a star this bright", said Diana Dragomir, a postdoc in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the U.S., who led the discovery. NASA 2019 New Year Calendar Will Feature a Painting of 12-Year-Old Boy From Tamil Nadu, View Pic.

The confirmed planet, HD 21749b, is about three times Earth's size and 23 times its mass, orbits every 36 days, and has a surface temperature around 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius).

Dr. Dragomir also added that the planet probably isn't as gaseous as our Neptune or Uranus, which consist of hydrogen and are "really puffy".

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Scientists don't think that the planet is rocky, they believe that it is most likely made of gas of the sort that is much denser than the atmosphere of Neptune or Uranus, it's not believed to be habitable. "But here we were lucky, and can now study this one in more detail".

K2-288Bb, as the new planet is called, is located within its star's habitable zone, which is why liquid water is a possibility.

The discovery of the new world was presented at the American Astronomical Society meeting, which is taking place in Seattle this week. The discovery will be reported in a paper in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. He helped discover thousands of planets that scientists have dubbed "Earth 2.0".

Once TESS has completed its two-year monitoring of the entire sky, the science team has committed to delivering information on 50 small planets less than four times the size of Earth to the astronomy community for further follow-up, either with ground-based telescopes or the future James Webb Space Telescope.

But in its month-long stare into each sector, TESS records many additional phenomena, including comets, asteroids, flare stars, eclipsing binaries, white dwarf stars and supernovae, resulting in an astronomical treasure trove.

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The finding comes from data from NASA's Kepler space telescope, which ran out of fuel in October 2018.

It was identified by TESS -NASA's leading mission to identify exoplanets - alongside two other worlds (pictured).

Tess will aim for a unique elongated orbit that passes within 45,000 miles of Earth on one end and as far away as the orbit of the moon on the other end.

Even though the Kepler spacecraft ceased operations months ago, after almost a decade in service, its legacy continues: Today, researchers announced that they have found a planet roughly twice as big as Earth, located within what could be its parent star's habitable zone. They determined that they should be able to find the signal again, in TESS's "sector 3" data - which they succeeded in doing.

Scientists are already working on followup observations for more than 280 planet candidates that TESS has found.

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