MUELLER RESPONDS: The Special Counsel Reacts to Flynn Memo Deadline

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Former officials have reviewed the attempts by Russians to establish contact as laid out in recent court filings by special counsel Robert Mueller.

That footnote does not say exactly when the Mueller Special Counsel handed over these exculpatory documents detailing the scheme to entrap Flynn.

In exchange for that assistance, the special counsel asked U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan to spare Flynn, a three-time Bronze Star recipient, from any prison time.

First, the Flynn case.

The attorneys are requesting that Flynn receive no more than one year of probation, with minimal supervision, and 200 hours of community service.

It did not appear to be a move by Flynn's lawyer to get the conviction tossed out, he added.

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But Flynn is not going down quietly.

The mainstream media just spent the previous year claiming Contreras' sudden removal from this case meant nothing much at all, and the subsequent 12 months of sentencing delays was due to all that awesome cooperation Flynn was supposedly giving to Mueller for his investigation into Trump and his associates.

The meeting with Flynn in the White House was set up by then-FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe, who served as the agency's acting director after James Comey was sacked by Trump as FBI director in May 2017. Flynn's attorneys quickly said he hadn't joined Stonington Global.

Wallace noted that this wasn't just a "one-off" because Flynn was lying for weeks before the interview, saying "there's certainly a pattern here".

Flynn's team said he was not properly warned of the consequences of lying to the agents before the interview took place.

But Mueller's office did not hand over a 302 on Flynn; in fact, the only 302 submitted to Judge Sullivan was a July 19, 2017 interview with Peter Strzok that was conducted "in relation to other matters", according to Mueller.

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The disagreement is unlikely to affect Flynn's chances for probation, but it's attracted the attention of President Donald Trump, who said this week that Flynn did not lie despite having fired him almost two years ago for just that reason. Further, Strzok and the other agent attested that "Flynn was not lying or did not think he was lying".

Flynn was sacked by the Trump administration in February 2017, following a series of intelligence leaks that showed he had secretly communicated with Kislyak, and tried to cover up what was discussed.

Flynn's lawyers have prepared a memo for the court ahead of Flynn's sentencing stating that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe recommended to Flynn that he not have a lawyer present during questioning by FBI agents. The White House claims he was sacked for lying to Vice President Mike Pence about the details of his conversations with Kislyak. But, it's clear from the way that footnote is worded the Mueller team is trying to preemptively deny that handing it over when they finally did was any sort of violation of the Brady Ruling that Judge Sullivan issued to them on February 21.

On Thursday, Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department's inspector general, filed a report based on an investigation into missing texts between Strzok and Page. McCabe, who had arranged the interview but wasn't present for it, was sacked for what the Justice Department called a lack of candor involving a media leak. How can a prosecutor delete information contained on a government device used by government employees? "I've been talking about the Russian Federation investigation for almost two years now, since I went on the intel committee".

Marc Ruskin, a 27-year veteran of the FBI, told The Epoch Times, that the alleged omission is a "virtually unprecedented" violation of bureau policies. He'll be the first official in President Donald Trump's administration to be sentenced in the case.

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