Luxembourg set to become first country to provide free public transport

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The newly elected government in Luxemborg has promised to offer free public transport beginning next summer.

The country's total population is around 600,000, but around 200,000 living in the three neighboring nations cross the border each day to work in the tiny state.

Luxembourg is slated to be the first country in the world to abolish fares from all its forms of public transportation.

Bettel's progressive government will also consider introducing two new public holidays and legalizing the purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis for recreational use.

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Luxembourg is home to slightly over 500,000 people with an area of 2, 586 square kilometers.

The City is home to just 110,000 people, but it becomes inundated with a further 400,000 commuters, with half of travelling from neighbouring countries France, Germany and Belgium.

Fares are now capped at two euros for two hours of travel, which in a small European nation of just 999 sq miles (2,590 sq km) covers most journeys. But details of the plan still require some hashing out as there's yet to be a decision on what to do about the existing first- and second-class compartment on some trains.

The national transport system now costs around €1billion to operate, yet fares only amount to €30million annually, The Independent reports.

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Some places around the world offer free transport in a bid to reduce traffic congestion, and in some U.S. counties the bus system is free, but no other nation has eliminated fares from its entire transport network.

Mr Bettel only narrowly renewed his five-year premiership by a one-seat majority in the October election.

The new government coalition only just scraped through with 31 out of 60 seats in Chamber which might present a challenge when it comes to passing new, out-of-the-box policies and legislation.

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