Dozens of Caravan Migrants Scale Border Wall and Cross into U.S.

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection released surveillance video showing what looks to be two migrant children being handed over from the Mexico side of the wall into Arizona.

Other sightseers were seen taking selfies after a visit to the beach alongside the USA border wall in Playas de Tijuana.

At least two dozen caravan migrants - including children - climbed the U.S. -Mexico border fence in Tijuana and entered the United States illegally Monday night, Reuters reported.

Melanie Hernandez, a migrant at the new shelter, said the desperate situation created by the rain has "improved the humanitarian response" offered by Mexican and USA non-governmental organizations, many of whom are offering clothes, medical care and some legal services.

This breach follows a similar incident when a group of around 500 migrants attempted to storm the USA border near Tijuana on 2 December and reportedly threw projectiles at the United States border patrol, prompting American authorities to use tear gas and rubber bullets against the asylum seekers.

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Having spent a month trekking towards the United States, numerous migrants are growing frustrated at the long wait that faces them at the border.

Ninety minutes later, she and her family were over the fence.

Frustrated and exhausted after weeks of uncertainty, many migrants have become desperate since getting stuck in squalid camps in the Mexican border city of Tijuana.

The attempt to cross into the USA illegally came just days after the migrants were transferred from one temporary shelter to another after it had become unsanitary.

Thousands of migrants have been waiting for a chance to apply for asylum.

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Plans for illegal crossings were curbed by the Trump administration's decision to send troops to protect the border and impose a new policy that requires every migrant seeking asylum to remain in Mexico, where their cases will be heard.

US officials have restricted applications through the Chaparral gate in Tijuana to between 40 and 100 per day.

The group, dubbed "migrant caravan", has been camping out in a sports complex turned into a temporary shelter by the local authorities.

U.S. Border Patrol agents watch unauthorized migrants cross into San Ysidro, Calif., on Sunday.

Some migrants, however, were reluctant to head to their new facility.

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