Brexit meaningful vote will not take place until January, it is confirmed

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Phillip Lee, the former Justice Minister who resigned his post earlier this year over the handling of the Brexit negotiations, spoke to Morning Ireland on Thursday from Westminster and like Soubry the day before, was conciliatory towards Ireland about the conduct of his party in recent years.

'But we don't want the backstop to be used and if it is, we want to be certain it is only temporary.

"She has repeatedly said "no deal is better than a bad deal", but it is clear her objective was to secure a deal at any cost", he wrote.

Attention is now focused on whether or not European Union leaders will agree to some kind of declaration or letter of intent clarifying that the backstop will not be permanent.

Her visit follows meetings on Tuesday with German chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte, European Council president Donald Tusk and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

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In a telephone conversation, Varadkar and Tusk also agreed that the withdrawal agreement was the only possible deal, and could not be renegotiated. "Ireland will never be left alone".

The Irish Government will be determined that any declaration does not cut across the legally binding withdrawal treaty.

He warned on BBC Radio 4's Today she could only come back from talks with reassurances over the Irish border backstop which "don't mean anything when they are put against a legally-binding worldwide agreement".

Tory rebels and opposition parties of have all attacked the PM over the 11th hour change of plans, which comes despite Mrs May insisting the deal she was due to present to the House of Commons was the only one possible.

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However, Mrs May appears to accept that the Withdrawal Agreement can not be reopened, although many in her party demand she does no less than that.

The deal that May postponed a vote upon indicated that "Britain would remain largely within the European Union's customs and trade system for the next two years while a long-term pact is negotiated".

Asked whether she had been told of reports some Brexiteer MPs were claiming the 48 target had been reached, she said: "No, I have been here in Europe dealing with the issue I have promised Parliament I would be dealing with".

Mrs May isn't giving an exact date on when a new vote will happen.

The vote-of-no-confidence in Mrs.

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"We will put down a motion of no confidence when we judge it most likely to be successful", a party spokesperson said.