What Samsung's new foldable phone could actually look like

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"Yes, it feels a bit gimmicky, but the FlexPai does actually deliver on its promise of being the "first foldable smartphone", Mashable's reporter Karissa Bell said. It can also display three different apps simultaneously.

"Our goal is to offer developers a robust, scalable and open AI platform that makes it easy for them to launch and evolve the awesome experiences they create for our users", said Kyunghak Hyun, Product Manager of the AI Product Management Group at Samsung.

We reported two days ago that Samsung has told attendees at the Samsung Developer Conference that their new more user-friendly user interface, OneUI, will not be coming to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The device can be opened to reveal a 7.3-inch tablet. Several windows can be arranged and used on the large screen.

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The prototype displays that have been floating around for years will soon make it to actual consumer devices. According to The Guardian, Samsung is not the only cellphone manufacturing company creating a foldable phone.

The high-level idea for the entire conference is for the company, whose smartphones, video screens and other products are globally pervasive, is to make it easier for developers and business partners to efficiently build, launch and scale new applications for those millions of devices around the world.

Google's head of Android UX, Mr Glen Murphy, who was on stage with Samsung, said Google would work with developers to bring more features to the phone.

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Royole said it would start filling orders in late December.

Samsung needs to get the foldable phone right to reverse steep declines in profit and restore some of the cachet its brand has lost to Apple.

As shown in the image above, the device is a wallet-like gadget that folds in half.

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