Senate Investigation Clears Kavanaugh of All Allegations

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Senate Judiciary Committee investigators concluded that a woman who claimed to be the author of an anonymous sexual assault allegation against Justice Brett Kavanaugh had "fabricated" her accusation, according to a letter from Senate Judiciary chairman Chuck Grassley.

Sen. Chuck Grassley wrote to the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation about Judy Munro-Leighton, who claimed she was from California but is from Kentucky, according to several media reports. Part of the fabrication is in the subject line of her email to the committee: "Kavanaugh raped me".

Grassley wrote a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray about an allegation of rape against Kavanaugh that began with an anonymous letter received by Sen.

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Before Ford's testimony, Conservative lawyer Ed Whelan suggested in a unusual series of tweets that a classmate of Kavanaugh's who looked like him may have assaulted her. President Donald Trump also subscribed to the theory.

"A vicious accuser of Justice Kavanaugh has just admitted that she was lying - her story was totally made up, or FAKE!"

Munro-Leighton, who said she called Congress multiple times to oppose Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, also admitted she "just wanted to get attention" and that her actions were "just a ploy". "Where are the Dems on this?"

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When questioned after her initial allegation, the truth eventually came out that Munro-Leighton lied because she did not want to see the conservative Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court bench.

"Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal", Grassley added.

Grassley referred Munro-Leighton to the FBI for investigation into the false statements and for obstruction of the Committee's investigations.

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Trump also mentioned it Saturday while the crowd chanted "lock her up" in reference to Munro-Leighton. Ms. Swetnick had originally claimed to have been the victim of gang rapes involving Justice Kavanaugh during high school parties, saying she saw him and a friend spike punch to leave girls unable to resist. "And we're supposed to sit back and take it". Kamala Harris of California in September, and was publicly released with Kavanaugh's testimony on the Committee's website on September 26. The woman who accused of Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, also received death threats. "When are they going to say what happened?" "She has stood by her charges - despite denials by Kavanaugh under oath". "Although each individual described details that in some respects seemed to fit Dr. Ford's allegations against Justice Kavanaugh, both men described consensual encounters".