Google finally realizes that Dark Mode is good for the battery

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Android P has its own dark mode. The testing was apparently not done on the latest hardware but they did compare the first generation Pixel's AMOLED display with that of the iPhone 7's LCD and measured the power consumption while using Google Maps in normal and night mode. In one of its presentations, Google talked about power consumption and how your phone drains its battery life. My guess is Google will include an API in an upcoming Android release that will allow Material apps to flip their theme based on a system-level toggle. Especially with devices that sport an OLED display, the dark theme has been known to reduce stress on the battery life. This trick doesn't apply to LCD screens, as used in some budget designs (including most low-cost Android phones and the iPhone XR). Whether it's for Android' UI or all the essential Google apps, white has been the dominant colour for all of them, which indirectly utilises more power than before. However, most app developers prefer to go for lighter backgrounds for enhancing the aesthetical appeal.

On GBoard dark mode saved 21 percent at full brightness. This study was a realisation point for Google, where it pushed the use of white colour as primary on all apps and interfaces since Material Design's inception.

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Things got even more interesting with one of the next charts, which showed major differences with current draw between black and white while the display was on maximum brightness.

Just because Google told us how easy it is to "fix" battery life on OLED smartphones, doesn't mean we're getting dark modes from either Google or Apple anytime soon.

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Jack Wallen lists flexibility, Google integration, and open source as reasons why he chooses the Android operating system over iOS for his mobile devices. But it is trying to help save eyes and battery life by offering Dark Modes on many of its apps, and that trend will continue.

New features for the Android App Bundle tool have been announced at today's Android Dev Summit.

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