Climate change could cost United States billions, worsen disasters

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The report divides the United States into 10 regions to better analyze how different geographical and climate zones are being affected by climate change (in particular, the new NCA looks at the impacts that have taken place since 2014, when the previous National Climate Assessment was released).

The National Climate Assessment was written long before the California fires and the hurricanes.

The most recent "cooling period" - the so-called Maunder Minimum - lasted approximately from 1645 to 1715 - part of what was known as the "Little Ice Age". "This report underscores what we are already seeing firsthand: climate change is real, it's happening here, and it's happening now".

A new report analyzes the impacts climate change is having in the U.S. now, and what the country could look like by 2100.

David Easterling, director of the technical support unit at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Centers for Environmental Information, said there had been "no external interference" in the report.

The officials said the content of the report was free from interference, but declined to directly answer several questions about whether the White House ordered the report to be released on Black Friday, a day when many Americans are disconnected with the news.

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The congressionally mandated document - the first of its kind issued during the Trump administration - details how climate-fueled disasters and other types of worrisome changes are becoming more commonplace throughout the country and how much worse they could become in the absence of efforts to combat global warming. "The bad Camp Fire in California, the devastation caused by Hurricanes Florence and Michael... these events show us what is at stake", said EESI Executive Director Carol Werner.

The NCA4 further highlights the consequences of climate change that we are facing.

Unusual phenomena are playing havoc with the USA food supply, including "the loss of synchrony of seasonal phenomena", the report states, including an emerging disconnect between crops and pollinators. The 1,500-page report examines the climate and economic impacts USA residents could expect if drastic action is not taken to address climate change.

The costs of climate change could reach hundreds of billions of dollars annually, according to the report.

"Extreme weather and climate-related impacts on one system can result in increased risks or failures in other critical systems, including water resources, food production and distribution, energy and transportation, public health, global trade, and national security", the report says.

And report co-author Donald Wuebbles, a University of IL climate scientist, said, "We're going to continue to see severe weather events get stronger and more intense".

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That is despite the fact an overwhelming majority of climate scientists around the globe agree that the burning of fossil fuels drives global warming, and is leading to rising seas, flooding, droughts, and more frequent powerful storms.

The report, however, covers new ground by, for example, providing greater specificity on the economic impacts that climate change is likely to have.

Climate change is already causing more frequent and severe weather across the US, and the country is poised to suffer massive damage to infrastructure, ecosystems, health and the economy if global warming is allowed to continue, according to the most comprehensive federal climate report to date.

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The effects of climate change are already playing out daily.

While much of the damage is already done, the effects could be lessened by continuing to cut down on greenhouse emissions and upgrading aging infrastructure, the report says.

On Wednesday, Trump noted a record cold snap hit the northeast, tweeting, "Whatever happened to Global Warming?"

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