UMN preps for flu season

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Same-day appointments are available.

Gov. John Carney and other state officials were among hundreds of Delawareans getting their flu vaccine Tuesday at the third annual Division of Public Health drive-thru flu clinic in Dover.

Dr David Rogers, Medical Director at NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group said: "We are encouraging people who are eligible to take a moment to plan when they can have the jab". "Our goal is to keep the wait to be seen under five minutes". Without it, you will have to pay between $20 to $70 dollars. A flu shot is not ideal, but all Americans should consider taking it to prevent any health problems. They can not cause the flu.

Flu vaccines help your body create weapons, called antibodies, that help fight the virus when you're exposed to it.

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Even healthy people get the flu, and it can be serious. It is recommended that people receive their vaccination as soon as possible because the human immune system takes two weeks to produce antibodies in response to the flu vaccine.

Each year, the flu season can be extremely unsafe and it is vastly important to protect both oneself and the people that one comes in contact with every day. Parents who have a child who is of the eligible age, are being asked ensure they sign the consent form allowing them to have the flu vaccine at school.

To help older individuals avoid the flu, Penn Highlands Community Nurses are offering flu shot clinics at all Centers for Active Living and at the Houtzdale Family Service Center.

Remember, some folks think the flu is any gastrointestinal illness - that's a common misconception.

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Myth 4. I never get the flu - and it's all about me! "I would urge anyone who is eligible for the vaccine to get it". If you do catch a flu after being vaccinated, it is likely to be much milder and shorter lived than it would have otherwise been. The shot protects you until March and you'll have to get another one the next month.

"Some vulnerable people may not receive flu vaccination, but if the people around them are vaccinated, we collectively develop herd immunity that protects them", says Webster.

More than 80,000 Americans died of the flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

This semester, 22-year-old geology major, Cody Dougherty-Wise, attended this event and received a free flu vaccine.

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The flu season can last up until spring and if you've ever had the flu you wouldn't want to get again. However, that doesn't mean that the flu vaccine is a dud. "The flu isn't going anywhere so we need to make an effort to get immunized and stay protected".