Trump marks Columbus Day without mentioning Native Americans

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His state celebrates Native Americans' Day - honoring the people who endured genocide at the hands of colonists, not the Italian explorer who "sailed the ocean blue".

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The Stanford College Republicans, for their part, celebrated Columbus Day with a Facebook post commemorating the "Discovery of America and Italian heritage".

The City of Angels is celebrating its first-ever Indigenous Peoples Day with a series of events throughout the day Monday. Boycotted by Native Americans, who called attention to Columbus's abuse of indigenous people in nationwide demonstrations that year, the OH celebration came at a price of $95 million. As we celebrate the tremendous strides our Nation has made since his arrival, we acknowledge the important contributions of Italian Americans to our country's culture, business, and civic life.

Over the weekend Donald Trump issued a proclamation declaring Monday 8 October as Columbus Day.

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Trump suggested that the ordeal surrounding his nominee could boost Republicans in November's midterm elections. Chuck Grassley said the protests were "a reflection of the incivility of American society generally".

According to the release, Indivisible Aurora officials will talk to city officials, area school district officials and other community members to get Indigenous People's Day on the calendar in the city by 2019.

Columbus Day started as a federal holiday in 1934. "If they really wanted to do something meaningful to honor the day, they could have torn it down", one user said.

On Monday evening, students joined the Stanford American Indian Organization (SAIO) and the Native American Cultural Center (NACC) in an Indigenous Peoples' Day Vigil.

"In 1492, Christopher Columbus and his mighty three-ship fleet, the Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria, first spotted the Americas". "The fact that the city of Columbus is taking action is a victory for everyone".

"Columbus Day is a relic of an outdated and oversimplified version of history", the mayor wrote when announcing the decision last month.

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The city has observed Columbus Day probably "for as long as it had been in existence", a spokesperson for Mayor Andrew Ginther told The Associated Press.

"I think this day represents so much", Two Crows said. In blue states especially, communities now recognize Columbus as a slaveholder, rapist and plunderer of gold; a total of 56 cities and four states have followed Berkeley's example.

To Cliff Matias, cultural director of the Redhawk Native American Arts Council, it's a disgrace that New York City doesn't officially recognize the holiday. The first and perhaps most famous Columbus monuments sits in Tower Grove Park in St. Louis.

The protesters, or as they call themselves the protectors, organized and chanted while others from the Cabrini Lodge, Southern Colorado Sons of Italy and other groups tried to celebrate.

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