Passenger jet departs on longest commercial flight

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Two pilots, a special "wellness" menu and more than seven weeks' worth of film and television entertainment were expected to accompany travellers on the 16,700-kilometre journey of the world's longest flight from Singapore to NY.

Passengers are preparing to board the world's longest flight - a marathon 19 hour service connecting Singapore and NY. Instead, it has 94 more-spacious premium economy and 67 business class seats, which can fold out into a bed.

Airbus developed the latest model for extra-long flights. Come end of the year, we will be growing from seven flights to 23 nonstop flights a week, and this includes flights from Singapore to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Newark, " he said, adding that between October and March 2020, they would be adding one plane every two weeks. I have many questions, the least of which is - why anyone would want to go to Newark badly enough to sit on a plane for 19 hours...?

Singapore Airlines says it will serve dishes that try to offset the effect of being stuck in a seat for a day.

Passengers traveling on Singapore Airlines flights wait at check-in counters where advertisements for the airline's inaugural non-stop flight from Singapore to NY is flashed on screens on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, in Singapore.

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The flight from the Southeast Asian city-state to Newark Airport can be completed in 18 hours and 45 minutes with ideal weather conditions, but the pilots will have fuel in reserve should the journey approach the aircraft's maximum 20-hour flying time.

The marathon flight will use the fuel efficient Airbus A350-900ULR. "The plane has high ceilings, sophisticated LED lighting, nearly vertical sidewalls and a low noise level".

"My cousin said 'hey, this is in the press.' I'm going to take pictures and show her", she said.

The Singapore Airlines has ranked first as the longest direct air link between cities, leaving Qatar Airways Flight 921 behind as it flew from Auckland to Doha, which took 17 hours 40 minutes.

Long flights can be a drag when you're cooped up in cattle class, so perhaps it's a blessing in disguise that the soon-to-be record-holder for world's longest flight route has forgone economy cabins altogether.

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But the carrier is hoping that the introduction of more fuel-efficient planes will set cash registers ringing even as crude prices soar above $80.

Facing increasingly strong competition in recent years, Singapore Airlines has consolidated its low-fare subsidiaries and is strengthening its premium segment.

The airline is banking on the use of technology to control its fuel bill, as oil hovers around $80 per barrel.

"We are optimistic about the demand for non-stop services to the United States", the spokesman said.

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