Kavanaugh says he might have been 'too emotional' in testimony

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"Why don't we dunk him in water, see if he floats", Graham responded, implying the ever-expanding standards Kavanaugh has been asked to meet are comparable to those historically imposed on women who were accused of being witches. The sharply partisan battle became an intense political drama when Ford and two other women emerged to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct in the 1980s when he was in high school and college. They said he also seemed ready to knock down President Barack Obama's health care law and to rule for Trump if federal authorities probing his 2016 campaign's connections to Russian Federation initiate legal action.

Under pressure from wavering Republicans, GOP leaders agreed to an extraordinary Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week that mesmerized the nation as Ford nervously recounted her story and said she was "100 per cent" certain that Kavanaugh was her attacker.

Durbin said he doesn't trust Kavanaugh's temperament and demeanor, following last week's testimony, and said the nominee showed he doesn't belong on the highest court in the land.

"But I think that his performance during the hearings caused me to change my mind", Stevens said in Florida.

On Thursday, thousands of protesters marched on the Supreme Court and the Hart Senate Office Building bearing signs that said "Believe Survivors" and "Kava-Nope" while chanting against the candidate.

White House spokesman Raj Shah said the Trump administration was "fully confident" Kavanaugh had the necessary support.

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Walsh said. "What neighbourhood was it in?" Imitating Ford, he added, "But I had one beer - that's the only thing I remember". Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr.

Republicans argued that it exonerated Kavanaugh of any wrongdoing, giving senators more confidence in voting to confirm him.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill last week. "There's nothing in it that we didn't already know". Susan Collins, R-Maine, who said she would vote in favor of moving the nomination forward, but said she would announce her final decision on whether he should be confirmed Friday afternoon.

Given that Republicans have a razor-thin 51-49 margin of control in the Senate, the party can potentially only afford one defection if it wants the confirm Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of ME or Jeff Flake of Arizona.

Partisan characterizations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation report on the accusations against Kavanaugh, so at odds that the casual observer could not hope to divine the truth from listening to them.

"It looks to be a product of an incomplete investigation that was limited perhaps by the White House, I don't know", Feinstein told reporters.

SHAPIRO: Senator Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, appeared alongside Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. "Those fears have been realised".

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After the latest FBI background investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh's behavior as a teenager, Senate Republicans have taken a major step to advance his nomination.

"This process has been ruled by fear and anger and underhanded gamesmanship for too long", McConnell said.

They are two of just four senators who are yet to declare how they will vote on Mr Kavanaugh, who would be able to shape USA society for generations to come if he gets the lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.

The report could be released as early as Wednesday, however two senior Senate sources told Fox News that it isn't expected to be released publicly.

Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley stops to speak briefly with the media at US Capitol on 3 October 2018.

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