Gillum rallies support after nasty debate

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In a contest already sullied by the release of racist robocalls belittling Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum, the African-American mayor of Tallahassee, Fla., he and Republican Ron DeSantis clashed Wednesday night in the candidates' final debate before the November 6 election.

Justin Schmidt of Davie, a Gillum supporter who attended the forum at TKAE, feels that the Democratic candidate would be a strong supporter for the State of Israel if elected governor.

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum says that anytime a police officer pulls out a weapon, they have gone "too far". He also has a debate scheduled Wednesday evening at Broward College with DeSantis, who already tried to interrogate him on his Hamilton tickets during their first debate Sunday on CNN. Gillum generally referred to DeSantis, a congressman who resigned his post shortly after winning the GOP nomination for governor, as either Mr. DeSantis or congressman. I believe that this is our year. I wanted to correct him, y'all, but I didn't want to be petty. Another small pocket of opponents took aim at what they said was Gillum's lack of support for law enforcement officers. "He has not told the truth about that", DeSantis said.

It's unknown if these new revelations will have an impact on the Governor's race.

"Everyone will get a fair shake". DeSantis shot back. "I am not going to bow down to the altar of political correctness". "As mentioned it was a bit higher than I expected because of some last minute attendees so let me know what you would like to cover and I'll handle the rest".

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Geoff Burgan, a Gillum campaign spokesman said in a statement that Kise's decision to release the records was politically motivated, and that Gillum "did not receive any contributions or in-kinds from Mike Miller".

In one of the most powerful moments of the night, Gillum confronted DeSantis, a former US representative, over the bigoted tenor his campaign had taken on in the weeks since the Trump-backed Republican told voters not to "monkey this up" by voting for his black opponent.

In the night's sharpest exchange, DeSantis, a former congressman, was asked why he agreed to speak at multiple conferences organized by anti-Muslim provocateur David Horowitz, a man who has called former President Barack Obama "an evil man" and a "pretend Christian".

"Well hello there. I is the negro Andrew Gillum and I'll be askin" you to make me governor of this here state of Florida, ' the voice on the call says.

Gillum vowed to increase the minimum starting salary for teachers in Florida to $50,000.

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DeSantis reiterated his daily attack on Gillum as a corrupt liar, specifically on the biggest political news in Florida this week, a 130-page list of text messages and photos from 2016, all subpoenaed by the state's Commission on Ethics, which is investigating the mayor.

The dinner fundraiser for Gillum was hosted at Corey's house and was described in one email as the "first kickoff event" for Gillum's gubernatorial campaign.

Gillum has denied that he or the city are targets of a criminal investigation.

DeSantis ridiculed Gillum's insistence that he is not a subject of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe. One of the packages was delivered to her Florida office Wednesday when it was returned by the Postal Service, and the former national Democratic Party chair said her staff acted with bravery in dealing with the threat.

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