Columbus goes pink for breast cancer awareness

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A little over a decade ago, Davidson of Huntington Woods was working for an advertising firm. Her goal is simply to celebrate life.

"I watched the spot, I was completely touched".

Prestay said she really wants to raise awareness and shed light on the genetic aspect of cancer.

"I didn't let it take over my life or make me feel sad", Mally says.

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"There is a lot of hope, joy and celebration at these type of events and I think those are the kind of things that help to fuel me in my continuing journey", said breast cancer survivor Eileen Lopeztome. "I didn't know any". Being her own advocate, she went back a couple months later to have the lump removed.

"My twin sister passed away from breast cancer, which metastasized to her bones and my big sister, 7-years older than I am, passed away at the age of 45", she said. Within a five-year period of treatment, only 22 percent survive, according to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Prestay said through the OSF casual day she raised $235; the PM school fundraiser raised $180; online donations raised around $438 so far; the bake sale and pop-can drive raised $1,095; the auction raised $2,645; and t-shirt sales raised $1170 so far because she is still selling them. A year and a half ago, they welcomed their first child, Jonah.

The session also included a talk on the importance of early detection through self-examination in order to overcome the disease at an early stage, where chances of survival are relatively high. Together, everyone walked to raise awareness for breast cancer. According to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, about one in 400 people in the US has a BRCA1/2 mutation; but among Ashkenazi Jews, about one in just 40 has the gene mutation.

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"If you are a young woman who has a family history of breast cancer, you should know about it".

Ellyn had the support to beat her cancer and now she wanted to help others.

Key players operating in the predictive breast cancer gene testing market are Myriad Genetics, Inc., Complete Genomics Incorporated, Ambry Genetics, PreventionGenetics, and Illumina, Inc.

Statistics from the Mississippi Cancer Registry show just how rare instances of inflammatory breast cancer are. Eight people contacted me since I have been speaking and told me they went to get mammograms, found cancer and had it treated. Considering the fact that this test is completed even before the early signs of the disease or disorder are yet to observed and thus enable determining person's risk of suffering disorder or disease.

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She forced herself to eat and kept up appearances in front of her children, but it was a hard time.