Budget 2018: Personal allowance increased to £12.5k

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Yesterday's budget did indeed contain measures created to increase the tax bills of the transatlantic tech giants, with the chancellor outlining a plan to make as much as £400m a year from the introduction of the UK Digital Services Tax in 2020.

He also said prisons, schools and local authorities would not have much to celebrate about the new budget and should be preparing for more hard years ahead.

Looking at the impact of the package on the public sector, he said: "This is no bonanza".

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said: "Instead of a budget to fix the harm done by austerity or respond to the climate emergency, we saw a budget which once again gives the biggest tax cuts to the richest 10% and continues the reckless pursuit of an unsustainable economy".

And Hammond, whose official title is chancellor of the exchequer, confirmed that a disorderly Brexit would spark a new budget sooner than expected.

I have already allocated 2.2 billion pounds to departments for Brexit preparations; And in the Autumn Budget previous year I set aside a further 1.5 billion pounds to be allocated for 2019-20.

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"This is no bonanza", said Mr Johnson.

Personal tax allowance is being lifted to £12,500, which Hammond says will benefit the average person by £130 a year, and national living wage will reach a high of £8.21 an hour.

"Social care remains the Achilles heel - it has been consistently underfunded, neglected and unloved by politicians over many years and the extra funding announced today - again welcome - is clearly inadequate. what we needed was support to get the system back on its feet but what we have is yet another sticking plaster". The new tax is expected to raise about £400m a year. And the public finances are also forecast to continue improving.

He added: "We are not going to take funding away from people".

"There is one stand out example of where the rules of the game must evolve now if they are to keep up with the emerging digital economy. What will he do then?"

Some borrowers end up paying the "poverty premium" to take out credit as they struggle to access mainstream loans - but the Budget has unveiled plans that could help them.

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Mr Mackay also attacked the Budget, saying the Tory government had given the Scottish health service by £50m less than promised, while cumulative austerity measures meant the Scottish budget in 2019/20 will be £2bn lower in real terms than in 2010/11. Could he resort to sizeable tax rises?

Day-to-day public spending on the NHS is planned to rise by eight per cent between now and 2023-24.

Meanwhile, spending outside the protected areas of health, defence and aid looks set to rise only in line with inflation - and will fall on a per capita basis.

Really, it's there to obfuscate how much tax we are actually handing over.

In a move created to put the United Kingdom at the forefront of global action to adapt tax systems to the digital age, the Chancellor announced a new £400 million levy aimed at internet giants such as Google and Facebook. Plus, the health service has old debts to pay, particularly for PFI contracts and other private endeavours.

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