All The Bells & Whistles Of Photoshop CC Coming To iPad

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This new software in the form of an app will make video editing not only easy but also interesting. The latter is what Adobe is aiming for with the new Premiere Rush.

For app creators, Adobe is excited about the enhancements to its XD app.

There are a number of apps by Adobe which is used for the objective of editing and more on iOS platforms.

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This means you will be able to open and edit a PSD on an iPad, using the same tools you are familiar with on the desktop, and achieve the exact same results from editing operations.

The updates to Photoshop CC announced at Adobe's annual Adobe Max conference may be relatively modest, but the bigger news is the development of "REAL" Photoshop CC across a whole range of devices, not just high-powered desktop computers. Building on Photoshop's powerful brush engine, this new app combines powerful Photoshop brushes, precise and scalable vector brushes, and an entirely new category of groundbreaking Live oil and watercolor brushes - you've never seen anything like them. The app will be synced with the desktop, meaning you can resume work on projects began on one with the other.

Starting next year, you'll also be able to get your hands on Project Gemini, a drawing and painting app that literally caused the Max audience to gasp.

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One of the designers behind the app is Kyle Webster, who first came to prominence developing a suite of brushes for Photoshop that was so popular, Adobe hired him and made his brushes free to subscribers, he told Business Insider.

Apart from that, Photoshop CC gets a new Content-Aware Fill workspace, Lightroom CC gets performance and workflow improvements, Illustrator CC now has the ability to design with photorealistic and freeform gradients, and a new rendering engine for improved render preview performance has been introduced in Dimension CC. Today, Adobe is launching a new version of Premiere Pro called Adobe Premiere Rush, which is focused on YouTubers and other web content creators. At the end, you can directly export your finished product to various social media platforms, including YouTube (naturally).

As the name suggests (i.e "CC" or "Creative Cloud"), Premiere Rush CC is a subscription based of A$14.29/month and it's available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. On a monthly basis, the application costs $9.99 for individuals, $19.99 for teams, and $29.99 for enterprise customers.

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