Trump Hits Back on Union Leader in Labor Day Tweets

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Kansas exports totaled more than $11 billion in 2017, led by agricultural products, aircraft and airplane parts.

He added: "We said when [Trump] was elected that when he did something good for workers, we'd support him".

With a pledge to resume talks next week, Freeland spoke of progress, of optimism and of her determination to get a deal that's good for Canadians - a remarkable show of restraint on a day that began with another blast of now-familiar Trump bombast that landed like an anvil on the negotiating table.

The negotiation tactics of the Trump administration is "a classic power play", says Evenett.

It's been an intense week of haggling for Mexico, the United States and Canada over the 24-year-old North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). "It's pretty hard to see how that would work without having Canada in the deal". Nieto's successor, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has had representatives at the U.S. -Mexico talks, but if the deal is not signed before he takes office he could add new demands and complicate the deal.

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The NAFTA was signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States in 1993 and came into force in 1994, during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

He said the United States would have to give six months notice to both Canada and Mexico if it intends to withdraw.

Pelc said that Republican members of Congress as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce are "dead set" against a bilateral deal with Mexico.

But the talks with Canada snagged over the mechanisms used to resolve disputes among partners, and on Ottawa's strictly controlled dairy sector.

"Right now, the US has the negotiating leverage in the negotiating room but Canada has the leverage in terms of Congress, the business community and the general USA public, but that balance will not last forever", Ujczo said. But it might not be that easy. It's unclear whether the Trump team even has authority to reach a pact with just one of those countries.

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Trump's move on Friday to notify Congress that he planned to sign a deal with Mexico in 90 days and would include Canada "if it is willing" appeared to avoid what many in the US business community and Congress had seen as a worst-case scenario.

While U.S. officials have indicated that they are prepared to go ahead and sign a NAFTA deal only with Mexico, the U.S. business community and many lawmakers have insisted that the NAFTA deal should remain a trilateral pact.

Rep. Kevin Brady, Texas Republican and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, said NAFTA needed updating and the president's notification was an important step toward that goal.

"Unfortunately, to date, the things that he's done to hurt workers outpace what he's done to help workers".

In June this year, Washington introduced a 25-percent tariff on steel imports and a 10-percent tariff on aluminum imports from Mexico, Canada and the EU. Unlike the previous Chinese imports subject to USA tariffs, this larger group of goods includes parts and materials that US companies depend on, along with consumer goods.

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The president's treatment of Canada through this process is the "definition of insanity", Bruce Heyman, the former US ambassador to Canada, told CNBC's Squawk on the Street on Sunday.