Trump blasts book's claims that he called Sessions 'a dumb southerner'

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And Woodward says he sought to interview Trump for the book, but his team declined.

"The Woodward book has already been refuted and discredited by General (Secretary of Defense) James Mattis and General (Chief of Staff) John Kelly", Trump wrote.

Cohn told a colleague that he stole the letter to protect national security, according to a copy of the book obtained by the Post, which is due for public release later this month. Likewise other stories and quotes.

Amid the nuclear crisis, Trump also reportedly disregarded the significance of the massive USA military presence on the Korean Peninsula, including a special intelligence operation that allows the United States to detect a North Korean missile launch in seven seconds vs. 15 minutes from Alaska, according to Woodward.

In a statement, Mr Kelly denied the claims.

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There have been previous reports by journalists and former White House staffers of upheaval in the White House West Wing since Trump's January 2017 inauguration.

"This guy is mentally retarded", Mr Trump said of Mr Sessions, according to the book.

Trump insisted he "never used those terms on anyone, including Jeff", adding that "being a southerner is a GREAT thing".

But Kelly also came out against the book, asserting that the comments attributed to him were "not true". "So I have another bad book coming out. He's had a lot of credibility problems", Trump said of Woodward, who has reported on multiple presidents and alongside Carl Bernstein broke news of the Watergate scandal that ultimately led to President Richard Nixon's resignation. Trump told Woodward he wasn't informed of the interview requests, before acknowledging that one of Woodward's intermediaries, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, had mentioned it to him.

Even so - whether at Trump's side because they believe, they serve or they finagle - everyone in the White House should take careful note of the person they're dealing with and the person whom Woodward has fleshed out.

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Some of the most senior figures in Mr Trump's administration are quoted in the book disparaging the president's intellectual abilities.

While aides described his tweets as the "devil's workshop", Trump has insisted he was the Ernest Hemingway of Twitter. Some White House officials expressed surprise at the number of erstwhile Trump loyalists willing to offer embarrassing stories of the President and his inner circle. Woodward's newspaper, The Washington Post, published extracts from the book Tuesday. At the urging of advisers, he then condemned white supremacists and neo-Nazis, but nearly immediately told aides, "That was the biggest fucking mistake I've made" and the "worst speech I've ever given", according to Woodward's account.

Woodward's book also cites sources reporting Kelly once described Trump during a meeting as "an idiot", adding that it's pointless to try to convince him of anything because he had gone off the rails.

The administration found in Woodward's book is one racked with anxiety over the president's erratic behaviors, where everyone is a potential target of Trump's belittlement. "We're in Crazytown. This is the worst job I've had". "This is a pathetic attempt to smear people close to President Trump".

More recently, Woodward's book, Plan of Attack, shed light on the contrived and false justification of the shock and awe invasion of Iraq and how former vice-president Dick Chaney and others cashed in on that dire deception.

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Mr Mattis slammed the book, calling it "a uniquely Washington brand of literature".