Crucial hearing opens for Trump's court nominee and accuser

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A university professor on Thursday detailed her allegations that Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, sexually assaulted her 36 years ago, saying she thought he was going to rape and perhaps accidentally kill her, during a dramatic U.S. Senate hearing on Thursday.

Most explosively, Swetnick claims Judge and Kavanaugh were part of a group that spiked drinks and got girls inebriated so that they could be "gang raped" by a train of boys. "I have firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their "turn" with a girl inside the room," she says in a sworn declaration.

Lawyers for Ms Ford say they have submitted sworn affidavits to the committee from four people who say she told them that Mr Kavanaugh had assaulted her in high school.

"Dr. Blasey Ford answering these questions with her specific expertise is GREAT", wrote journalist Jessica Valenti on Twitter. "I don't know who this is and this never happened", Kavanaugh said in a statement issued through the White House.

Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanuagh, claimed in a New Yorker article published Sunday, that he exposed himself to her at a college party although, The New Yorker acknowledges, she was initially "reluctant to characterize Kavanaugh's role in the alleged incident with certainty". Kavanaugh's confirmation would cement conservative control of the high court as Trump moves to shift it and the broader federal judiciary to the right. Only Dr. Ford will be testifying today before Senate Judiciary Committee.

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Ford testified that Kavanaugh and Judge "were laughing with each other". It's ridiculous. Total twilight zone. "I tried to yell for help", Dr Ford said.

The committee has said it is investigating all claims made in the Kavanaugh saga, attempting to "make sure no stone was left unturned".

The Senate is scheduled to vote on Kavanaugh Friday morning.

According to NBC News on Tuesday Judge Kavanaugh was questioned about the anonymous complaint during a phone conversation with Senate Judiciary Committee Staff.

After apologizing to both Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh for the things they have been subjected to in the past two weeks, Grassley set about placing the hearing in a partisan context. The talks are a safe space for employees to express themselves, though they are encouraged to keep their conversations work appropriate, Armsey said.

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Kavanaugh has categorically denied the allegation.

The decision to tap Mitchell comes as Republican senators insist that their committee staffers can handle an investigation that Democrats and Kavanaugh's accusers have said the FBI should be conducting. One need only review the tapes of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill hearing to understand how that can go awry. What I've been accused of is far more serious than juvenile misbehavior.

During the free-wheeling news conference, Trump continued to lash out at Democrats and label the allegations against Kavanaugh politically motivated.

Trump chose Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, who retired effective in July.

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