Trump threatens Rouhani with 'consequences' few 'have ever suffered'

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After a day of social media finger-pointing, POTUS saved his most inflammatory dispatch until nearly midnight EST, an all caps Twitter threat to "demented" Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned the United States on Sunday that it could shut down worldwide oil shipments in the strategic Strait of Hormuz if Washington continued to provoke Tehran.

The tweet came on the heels of Rouhani's warning to Trump that hostile policies could lead to the "mother of all wars" with Iran.

At the time of this writing, the Trump administration has yet to issue a follow-up statement to the president's late-night tweet. "Be cautious!" he added. Part of the campaign's message is being disseminated by a USA government-owned website, Share America, which is designed as a platform "to spark debate on democracy and other issues" in places like Iran. We are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death.

Waking up to Trump threatening Iran in a late night tweet has no shock value.

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Pompeo branded Iran's leadership a "mafia" and promised USA backing to groups rebelling against the government, though did not name them.

The threat to block the passage of oil through the Straights of Hormuz, through which much of the West's supply runs, is one commonly made by Iranian leaders when tensions are high.

The rapid backlash from Tehran marked some of the harshest exchanges between Iran's leadership and Washington since the Trump administration exited the 2015 Iran nuclear deal in May and moved to reimpose sanctions on Iran.

"The people and armed forces will stand firm in the face of our enemies, and will not retreat".

Now the United States president is expecting America's increasingly irritated European allies to support US-led sanctions against Iranian oil supplies, or risk the possibility of being sanctioned themselves by Washington.

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Pompeo also vowed that the United States would maintain and increase diplomatic, military, and financial pressure against what he labeled the "mafia" government of Iran.

US Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that "if anybody's inciting anything, look no further than to Iran". Tehran has said its nuclear work is just for electricity generation and other peaceful projects.

Karimi reported from Tehran, Iran.

"We have put on the table the possibility of a treaty relationship with the United States if Iran decides to change its behaviour and to start behaving like a normal country".

The Iranian chief executive also voiced Tehran's willingness to establish friendly relations with the world, especially neighboring countries, saying, "Even if a neighbor like Saudi Arabia does away with its stubbornness and expresses willingness toward [friendly] relations, we must resolve the differences and establish friendship". Some 55 percent of Iranian Americans favoured a secular democratic government and 11 percent sought the return of a constitutional monarch. Washington is now gearing up to re-impose some of the punishing sanctions that brought Iran to the table in the first place.

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Saying that one in four Iranians listen to or watch USA government broadcasts, Pompeo announced that the organization overseeing the Voice of America is launching new Farsi-language channels across television, radio and the internet.