This Uber Driver Got Suspended for Livestreaming Riders Without Permission

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It only takes the knowledge and consent of one participant in a conversation for its recording to be legal in the midwestern state.

In it, Jason Gargac, 32, a driver for Uber and Lyft from Florissant, Missouri, described an elaborate $3,000 rig of cameras that he used to record and livestream passengers' rides to the video platform Twitch.

Uber has permanently banned a driver for his creepy practice of live streaming footage of his passengers without their consent. Last month the company installed panic buttons in its vehicles in the United States so passengers could call the police after reports that more than 100 drivers had been accused of sexual misconduct.

But The St. Louis Post-Dispatch article raised questions about Gargac's actions from a privacy and ethical perspective, and Uber and Lyft condemned his actions.

Streaming passenger pick-ups is not a new phenomenon on Twitch, which houses an "In Real Life" section where people can stream everyday activities from going to the supermarket, to fitness regimes, cooking and so on.

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Gargac has emphasized that he added a 4-inch square sticker on his rear passenger window that read, "Notice: For security this vehicle is equipped with audio and visual recording devices".

But some riders said they felt their privacy had been violated.

Gargac said he is just trying to "capture the natural interactions between myself and the passengers".

"We got in an Uber at 2am to be safe, and then I find out that because of that, everything I said in that auto is online and people are watching me". "The troubling behavior in the videos is not in line with our Community Guidelines", said Uber in a new statement after the fact. "It makes me sick". People were sometimes named in the videos, while homes were also shown.

Twitch explained that they "do not comment on terms of service violations in regards to a specific individuals" and "do not allow people to share content that invades other's privacy".

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The Post-Dispatch already knew his name.

Uber allows drivers to use video cameras to record passengers for safety purposes.

Gargac's live stream channel was also removed from Twitch. "You know, the internet is a insane place".

In some situations, Gargac exposed his passengers full names and the neighbourhoods they lived in, even at times full addresses were said during live streams.

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