Protesters rally against Pinellas Co. Sheriff's Office's 'Stand Your Ground' decision

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A fellow store patron shot and killed the man Thursday afternoon after a physical altercation erupted when the victim's girlfriend parked in a disabled spot, deputies said witnesses told them.

Footage of the shooting was recorded on CCTV outside the convenience store and shows Mr McGlockton rushing back inside the building while clutching his chest.

But Jacobs says McGlockton backed away from Drejka after he pushed him.

CCTV footage of the incident shows Drejka confronting the victim's girlfriend about their vehicle being parked in a handicapped parking spot without a permit. Surveillance video shows Jacobs' boyfriend Markeis McGlockton leave the store to defend Jacobs. McGlockton collapsed in front of his son Markeis McGlockton Jr. and died about 30 minutes later. The Sheriff's Department is not pressing charges against Drejka because of Florida's Stand Your Ground law. "I enforce the law", Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said during a news conference Friday.

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After the shooting, the 5-year-old witnessed Jacobs applying pressure to his father's wound with a shirt.

Now protesters say they feel very strongly that this shouldn't have fallen under "Stand Your Ground" because of how it all happened. McGlockton fell to the ground inside the store and was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The race of McGlockton, who was black, has added another element in the case as protesters on Sunday held signs demanding the "racist" law be repealed.

"There was no physical violence", said Gualtieri. "They [ask], 'Can we prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt?' and if you have the sheriff standing up in front of a podium saying, 'We don't have probable cause to even believe he should be arrested, ' it's going to be hard for the State Attorney's Office to turn around and say, 'Well, we think he should be prosecuted, '" Rickman explained. Those are the facts and that's the law.

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"The immunity under the stand your ground law is not just an immunity from being charged, not just an immunity from being convicted, but is an immunity from arrest..."

While they were in the store, Drejka confronted Jacobs just outside the entrance about parking in the spot. His attorneys did not use "stand your ground" as a defense at trial, but the law still became a flash point as part of a larger national conversation. That pause gives me pause.

"He wanted somebody to be angry at", Jacobs in reference to Drejka in an interview Monday with ABC. And it goes back to what I said when I opened: "just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

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