OCU professor: In trade dispute, USA is on solid ground

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The U.S. has already put in place duties on $34 billion in Chinese goods, as well as on imports of steel and aluminum.

The Ministry of Commerce on Thursday said that China's additional complaint filed to the World Trade Organization over U.S. plans to put tariffs on US$200 billion of Chinese products was "necessary to defend the basic principles of the WTO".

The report issued by the Bertelsmann Foundation comes amid a deepening trade dispute between China and the United States which has engulfed other major trading partners.

"We need new rules in the areas of industrial subsidies, intellectual property and forced technology transfers, the reduction of trade costs, as well as a new approach to development and more effective dispute settlement", Tusk said. Eight trading partners - China, India, the EU, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Russia and Switzerland - have so far filed complaints to the WTO against the United States steel and aluminium tariffs.

"Price hikes caused by the increased tariffs would adversely affect these industries".

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Although U.S. consumers "will feel the pinch" of the trade wars, "what is making it easier for President Trump to wage this trade war is the fact the U.S. economy is performing beautifully right now", said Ms.

"We both want to sustain the system of World Trade Organization rules", Merkel said during the meeting.

The U.S.is filing a challenge to the tariffs that China, the European Union and several other countries imposed on the U.S.in retaliation to U.S. tariffs on their steel and aluminum.

But the story won't end there. A number of countries have retaliated with levies on United States goods and some have filed complaints against United States tariffs with the World Trade Organization.

Sen. Ron Johnson said Wednesday that he has shared some of the trade war concerns with the President. Commerce is conducting the probe under Section 232 of the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, which gives the president the power to impose tariffs on imports that threaten security.

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That claim has drawn criticism for various reasons, with other WTO members questioning the implications of unilateral measures, particularly on national security grounds, on the multilateral system; the veracity of the national security claim, given that various USA allies have been affected; and the expected economic harm both overseas and at home. But the larger question is why are the national governments in the era of globalization resorting to protectionism?

"Only one percent of the goods are consumer goods, and the rest are either capital equipment, such as machines, or intermediate inputs and parts", she said of the tariff actions against China.

"High-value crustaceans, tilapia, shrimp, and squid trade flows between the USA and China are expected to slow down". US goods imported into China aren't just facing tariffs, but also stricter quarantines, more spot inspections, and all sorts of delays.

Hua pointed out that China had recently released a white paper, "China and the World Trade Organization".

The Trump administration has criticised the WTO for encroaching on U.S. legal sovereignty and failing to rein in China's alleged violation of global trading rules. Trump has criticized the WTO as outdated and has gone outside the body to impose import controls, prompting warnings he was undermining the global system.

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